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~ ** !! THANK YOU !! ** ~

Our last desperate call went out just a little over a year ago and was met with great feedback! We raised a year's worth of operating costs in just a few days! We're still reeling with gratitude for the generous support of the PHILZONE phamily, and we hope we can count on you again this year.

In order to keep the bandwidth demanding Philzone.org site up, we need to raise at least $165 a month. This is doesn't seem like much, but has continually proved to be a very tall order, and sadly could potentially {again} be the end of the site.

This year has been exceptionally frustrating with a couple of extremely tenacious trolls which have created an especially unpleasant atmosphere on the Zone. It has taken a lot of extra effort to try to keep the trolls at bay this year... and the effort continues... We're grateful to everyone for their patience and help in this matter. That said, we must express again that there are other forums out there, and maybe folks would like to move on at this point without the burden of supporting the always ad/BS-free Philzone.org? Yet again, we are not in a position to responsibly continue hosting the site unless we can rely on the Phans to continue to support The 'Zone.

We have been extremely blessed with a very special community that has rallied for over *14* years in support of the site!

It is {reluctantly, and again} with a heavy heart, that we reach out to you now to let us know what the future has in store - it is in your hands, the Phans. It may well be {again} the end of an era, and if it is, we are SO VERY proud of what has been established, and we'll gallantly move on as supporters of Phil and the Grateful Dead's music.

So, without Furthur evocation, we must officially announce that unless we can raise
12 months x $165 = $1980 (there's also $120 for the live chat and ~$100 for the URL & other misc costs), the Philzone.org discussion board will officially be discontinued as of December 31st, 2014.

YOU can save philzone!

Either "Send Funds" from Paypal to make ur donation to bh@philzone.com

or please make check / money order to:

Philzone c/o B r e t.. H e i s l e r
PO Box 381 ... Wayne, NJ 07474-0381