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#1 Hepatitis C Primer -
Basic information about the Hepatitis C Virus
A government site and position paper on testing for and treating HCV. If you have a doctor who doesn?t know much about hepatitis C this is THE article to print out and take to him/her.
Hepatitis Neighborhood This is a Priority Health Care site, but they have quite a bit of information on HCV on their web site, and some very good moderated chats with various hepatitis specialists.
An 'on-line' monthly HCV magazine. Great articles every month.
Hepatitis Doctor
Dr. Cecils web site
(From Dr. Melissa Palmer, who would really rather you buy her book, but her page on nutrition has some good basic info, although not comprehensive.)
NATAP stands for National Aids Treatment Advocacy, but this is definitely NOT a site only for those with HIV/AIDS. Since so many people with HIV are co-infected with HCV there is LOTS of info on just HCV, or on co-infection with HCV, HCV-HBV co-infection, etc. This is my favorite site for the most up-to-date ?medical? info on HCV.
Also not just for co-infected people! Lots of good info here, very up-to-date.
This is a Dr. Koop (former Surgeon General) site. This is a great site if you want to learn about the actual HCV virus, and viruses in general, in more detail. Also information on the liver, liver function, etc. A very ?educational? site. Hep C Net
A great site with lots of good info, but most ?famous? for it?s supportive bulletin boards (and the ?Heppos?!) Three bulletin boards ? open discussion, medication and treatment, and ?fun? board. It is a VERY busy site though and can be overwhelming, although in a good way! RX Drug info
A very good site to look up information on any prescription or non-prescription drug. You can find the same prescribing information that your doctor has on most drugs. Even some info on herbs can be found.
Good, basic info on common blood
test results, normal and abnormal.
Hepatitis C Association
HCV Anonymous

Here's an informative site about sex and HVC

Helped a phriend tonight searching for info on Social Security Disability benefits while on treatments. Thought I'd add it to the growing list.....
go there and open the "combo survival guide from A to Z." provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers. gives you information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details

a good site for hep c vets info:

more hep c VA info:

Hoffman/LaRoche ( [pegasys/copagus)

If you are not about to afford the Tx Treatment,
contact companies regarding Free HCV Tx from
these companies !!!

This might be a useful site for you..

For those of you who want an alternative or the meds haven't worked, try:

Here's one maybe your not aware of too.

Henriette’s Herbal Homepage. It’s a great resource for herbal facts and information.

Recipes for Health and Wellness:

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

What Are Healing Practices?

Is this the latest stuff you guy's were all talking about ?

I just came across this site that might be of interest for those people new to HCV who don't understand their bloodwork.

No insurance or lousy insurance, need rescue drugs? No problemo. Patient assistance programs for Procrit and Neupogen.

Cornell The Center For The Study Of Hepatitis C

Dietary supplements for Hep C and liver problems

Hep C effects on the body