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February 2006 Tour Flash Movie

P&F Moon Tour (Winter 2005) Flash Movie

P&F Colorado July 2005

The Dead Summer Tour Flash Movie

Phil's 64th B-Day Movie 2004

P&F Fall Tour 2003

Other Ones Fall Tour 2002's 3rd Anniversary Flash & Retro

There and Back Again Summer Tour 2002

There and Back Again New CD Promo

Four Winds Spring Tour 2002

Phil's 62nd Birthday 3.15.02

Zoners Are Donors - Valentines Day 2002

New Year's Eve 2001-2002 / Kesey Tribute

Paradise Waits Fall Tour 2001

Odyssey: Summer Tour 2001

Crusader Rabbit Stealth Band 6.10.2001

Here Comes Spring Tour 2001

Fall Tour 2000