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"Been nearly three years off the road now, time enough to forget what I don't like about it, romanticize what I do like, and to remember how needful adventure is in my diet. Sixty is possibly too young to retire, though I gave it a tentative shot."

These are words from Robert Hunter's Occassional Journal on 9.10.01. Mr. Hunter, who coincidentally dusted off his journal the very day before history forever changed, is soon about to hit the road and share his timeless musical odyssey with us once again.

* Photographer: Neil Stewart

Hunter, whose last performance was on his 1998 Show Down Tour, has been stirring behind the Post Grateful Dead scenes for some time now. Helping to bring more music to the Web, with Music on Mars, performing with the 1997 FURTHER TOUR, and most recently invoking that familiar muse to provide a windstorm of new inspired material for Phil Lesh and Friends (which will be featured on Phil's soon to be released album - There and Back Again).

Be sure to catch Robert Hunter on his "Into the Blue" tour taking off in Eugene, OR on 4.17.02 and culminating in Somerville, MA on 5/8.

And stay tuned for's exclusive in-depth interview with Robert Hunter. Here's a sneak preview, with more to come!

How do you feel about going out on tour after such a long hiatus? Was your September 2001 NYC Wetlands performance inspiration for this?

I made my decision to perform again on September 10th, apropos of nothing. I visited New York a few days later, for family reasons, hopping a plane as soon as they were flying again. Received an email invite from Wetlands to come over that evening and help close the place, a final show. Decided to do it, badly needing

to express some energy outwards after experiencing the devastation in New York. Felt very right to be on stage. That broke the ice.

What can fans expect on your upcoming tour? Have you penned any new tunes for yourself that may get unveiled?

The name of my upcoming solo tour is "Into the Blue" which is the title of a new song I've been developing ever since I stopped touring. I'm excited about unveiling it, as well as several more new numbers I'm proud of.

You've just written a bunch of awesome new songs with Phil. What was that creative process like/how does it compare with writing for the GD?


Phil and I have a new understanding which makes collaboration much easier & more fruitful than it once was. We used to strive for perfection, going through dozens of drafts, turning out lumbering monsters that didn't "sing" as well as they might. Now there's a spoken mutual acceptance of the "first thought best thought" school of lyricism. All of the new songs reflect a growing trust in the initiating spark of the creative process and only miniscule amounts of re-write are involved (like: "how about another verse in section C?")

What do you think of how P&F's perform the songs?

Right as rain. Tuneful, toe-tappin' & tumultuous. The quintet is a real peach of a band with endless development potential. The doors are wide open on this one...

Robert Hunter's "Into the Blue" -Tour Dates

4/17 Eugene, OR - McDonald Theater
(Fastixx 503-224-8499 & 1-800-992-8499)

4/18 Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
(Fastixx 503-224-8499 & 1-800-992-8499)

4/20 Seattle, WA - Moore Theater
(Box Office 206-812-1111 & Ticket Master 206-628-0888)

4/23 Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theater
(Event Line 901-525-8979 & Business Office 901-525-8991)

4/25 Nashville, TN - Belcourt Theater
(Box Office # 615-846-3150 (correct date!)

4/28, 29, 30 Chicago - House of Blues
(Box Office 312-923-2000)

5/2 Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts
(Box office 215-922-1011)

5/4 New York, NY - Beacon Theater
(Ticket Master 212-307-7171)

5/8 Somerville, MA - SomervilleTheater
(Box Office 617-625-4088 box office)

Tickets also still available through GDTS Too.