Furthur Fest '98 featuring
The Other Ones 
The Other Ones are Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bruce Hornsby, John Molo, Dave Ellis, Mark Karan, and Steve Kimock
see photo of Phil & Bob from the Warfield 6/4/98
see photo of Phil, Bob Steve & Mark at the Warfield 6/4/98
see great pictures by Jon Weiner on my separate Furthur pic page
see cool pictures on another Other Ones page by Dave Rose
Dave Rose's songs played stats - cool !
Dave's archived reviews - published & submitted

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from the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Calendar Section, Sunday August 9th, 1998, p. 69
"A live album from the Furthur Festival debut of the Other Ones - anchored
by surviving members of the Grateful Dead - will be released in October via
the mailorder Grateful Dead Records. Sales through stores will probably come
next spring. Rumors of a fall Other Ones tour, though, are untrue, with the
members committed to various other projects...."

6/25, 26, 2729, 30, 7/1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,
11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25

also Weir/Wasserman
Christian Crumlish's interview with Steve Kimock
Geoff Gould's interview with Mark Karan
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA 
 Set I  Jack Straw  Sugaree (Bruce on vocals)  Minglewood->  Easy Answers  Loser (Bruce on vocals)  Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad  Scarlet Begonias (Bruce, and old, tight arrangement with a twist!)->  Fire on the Mountain (Mickeyrap)->  China Cat Sunflower ->  I Know You Rider  Set II  Box of Rain  Friend of the Devil (Bobby and MK and SK on acoustic)  Playin' in the Band->  Drums ->  Hornsby ballad with Mickey on tar and Molo on hand percussion->  all return for jam->  Banyan Tree>  Playin' reprise  St. Stephen->  The Eleven->  Jam->  Lovelight
6/25/98  Lakewood Amp.  Atlanta, GA 
Playin' in the Band> Jam>  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  Tennessee Jed (Bruce)  Down the Road (Mickey)  Jack-A-Roe (Phil)  West L.A. Fadeaway (Bobby)  Scarlet Begonias>  Fire on the Mountain (Mickey)  Hell In A Bucket  The Way It Is> Playin Jam>  Banyan Tree (new Bobby)>  Drums> Space>  UJB Jam (West African Highlife Style)>  Uncle John's Band>  Playin' in the Band (Reprise)  E: Sugar Magnolia
6/26/98  Blockbuster Pavilion  Charlotte, NC 
Truckin  Mississippi 1/2 Step (Phil)  Loser (Bruce)  Walkin Blues  Loose Lucy (Bobby)  Bird Song (Bruce vocals, Bob trades off briefly at end)  Friend of the Devil (Bobby on acoustic)  Wild Horses (Phil!!!!!!)  Bruce piano solo>  White Wheeled Limousine  Lost Sailor>  Saint of Circumstance>  The Other One>  Drumz>  St Stephen>  The Eleven  E: Touch of Grey  (Soundcheck: Saint of Circumstance, Truckin')
Nissan Pavilion
Bristow, VA
Jack Straw  Sugaree (Hornsby)  Minglewood  Easy Answers  Terrapin piano intro>  China Cat>  I Know you Rider  Box of Rain  Rainbow's Cadillac (phil jam inside!)  Dark Star (1st verse)>  Estimated>  Drums/Space->  Only the Strange Remain->  Dark Star Jam>  Wharf Rat (Bruce)>  Good Lovin>  Saturday Night  (no encore - 11pm curfew)
Martha's Vineyard
  High School Field
        Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman  Bombs Away  Walkin Blues  Blackbird  KC Moan  Victim  Eternity  Easy to Slip  Throwing Stones
cool !
Cont'l Airlines 
E Rutherford, NJ 
GDTRFB  Scarlet Begonias>  Fire on the Mountain (Mickey)  Walkin' Blues  Looks Like Rain  Mountains of the Moon (Phil!)>  When I Paint My Masterpiece  The Way It Is>  Playin' in the Band>  Corrina>Jam>  Drumz>  Aiko-Aiko>  Space>Playin' Jam>Space  St. Stephen>  The Eleven>  Lovelight  E: Ripple
Nassau Coliseum
  Uniondale, NY
 Drums>  Mystery Train (Bruce & some Bobby)  Minglewood Blues  Jack-A-Roe (Phil)  Down the Road Again  Tennessee Jed (Bruce &crowd)  West L.A. Fadeaway (Bobby)  -- brief pause --  West L.A. Fadeaway refrain>  Dark Star (instrumental)>  Jam (traces of The Other One; Hornsby & Ellis quote Dizzy Gillespie's "Manteca")>  Drums>  Preacher in the Ring (Hornsby with Mickey and Molo)>  Dark Star (2nd verse only - Bobby, Bruce and Phil trading lines)>  Uncle John's Band (Afro-Latino style)>  Darkstar/Space Jam>  Playin' reprise>  Throwin' Stones>  Not Fade Away  Encores:  Box of Rain  Touch of Grey
Great Woods Center
  Mansfield, MA 
Truckin'>  Other One Jam>  Loose Lucy (Bob)  Loser (Bruce)   Only the Strange Remain  Bird Song (Bob, others; with significant O1 jam)  FOTD (Bob,crowd)  White Wheeled Limosine  Terrapin piano intro>  China Cat>  Rider>  Estimated>  Other One>  Drums>  China Doll (Phil)>  Wharf Rat (Bruce)>  Sugar Mag  (no encore - 11pm curfew)
Sony Entertainment Ctr
  Camden, NJ
Jam  Jack Straw  Like a Rolling Stone>  Wang Dang Doodle*  Rainbow's Cadillac  Lost Sailor>  Saint of Circumstance  Playin' in the Band*>  Long Jam>  Banyan Tree>  Drums>Jam>  Playin' in the Band Jam>  Uncle John's Band  Saint Stephen>  The Eleven>  Lovelight  E: Cassidy*  *with Donna Godchaux McKay
 Larry Brent's review 
Greg Jaron's review
*do not read the BS Philly Inq*
Saratoga P.A.C.
  Saratoga Springs, NY
US Blues (Phil)  Hell In A Bucket  Scarlet Begonias>  Fire On The Mountain  Mountains Of The Moon        Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (new arrangement)          Looks Like Rain (with Hornsby solo intro)>  The Way It Is>  Bird Song   (Hornsby quotes "Star Spangled Banner" and "Norwegian Wood" during jam)>  The Other One>  Drums>  Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad>  Knockin' On Heaven's Door>  One More Saturday Night  (no encore - 11pm curfew)
Darien Lake P.A.C.
  Darien Center, NY
 Drums  Samson and Delilah (Bob, Bruce)  Sugaree (Bruce)  Mississippi 1/2 step (Phil)  Baba Jino (Mickey)  Dark Star  West L.A. Fade Away  Tennesse Jed (Bruce)  Easy Answers>  Drums/Space  Across the River (Bruce)  Jam>  Dark Star (reprise)  Truckin'  E: Box of Rain
Hartford Civic Center
  Hartford, CT
 Not Fade Away  (Hornsby and Ellis quote "Happy Trails to You" and  "Maria" from "West Side Story)>  Loose Lucy  Loser  Jack-a-Roe (Weir on acoustic)  Only The Strange Remain (Hart)  Friend of the Devil (Weir and Karan on acoustic)  When I Paint My Masterpiece (Hornsby quotes "Happy Trails" again)>  Hornsby solo>  Nardis (by Miles Davis -- Hornsby/Ellis duet)>  White Wheeled Limousine  Hornsby solo ("Lady With A Fan" with "Happy Trails")>  Estimated Prophet>  Jam> (Ellis quotes "Manteca"; I'm sure *somebody* quoted "Happy Trails")>  Corrina>  Drums>  Happy Trails Space (everybody quotes it, as well as "Home on the Range")>  I Know You Rider>  China Doll (vocal by Phil)>  Throwin' Stones>  Not Fade Away (with "Happy Trails," of course!)  (no encore - set ran 15 minutes over curfew)
Montage Mountain
  Scranton, PA
 Hell In A Bucket  Scarlet>  Fire  Mountains Of The Moon (Bob on acoustic)  Minglewood>  (You Ain't Nothing But A) HOUND DOG!  Looks Like Rain  Jam>  Rainbow's Cadillac (Phil jam inside!)  Birdsong>  Jam (w/ Darkstar, CCat & O1 hints)>  Birdsong>  Drums>  Space (Love Supreme Jam)>  The Other One>  Wharf Rat>  Touch of Grey  (no encore - 11pm curfew)
big boos go out to the drunk  trucker who flipped his garbage  truck on Rt. 80 & held up me,  Jen & 100s of heads for 2 hrs! 
Scranton Times-Tribune 7/9/98
  Star Lake Pavilion
  Burgettstown, PA
 Shakedown St (Bobby, Phil smiling)  Playin'in the Band  Ramble On Rose (Bruce)  Down the Road (Kimock on pedal steel)  Miss 1/2 Step (Phil)>  Baby Blue (Bobby)>  Lost Sailor>  Saint>  Jam w/ Phil thumpin'>  Cassidy>  Drums>Space (Somewhere Over The Rainbow theme)>  The Way It Is (Kimock & Karan solos)  Uncle John's Band (island style)>  Playin'>  Sugar mag>  Sunshine Daydream  E: US Blues (Phil)
Alpine Valley
E. Troy, WI
Dark Star (1st verse)>  Jack Straw  Sugaree  West L.A. Fadeaway  Baba Jino  Tennessee Jed  Easy Answers  Across the River>  Drumz>  Dark Star Jam>  Preacher in the Ring>  Box>  Dark Star (second verse)>  St. Stephen>  The Eleven>  Lovelight  E: One More Saturday Night
Polaris Amphitheatre
  Columbus, OH
Truckin>  The Other One>  Mystery Train  Loose Lucy  Loser  (Phil announces some technical trouble)  Bruce solo>  Blackbird  Black Muddy River (wow-Bruce)  Friend of the Devil  White Wheeled Limousine  Estimated>  Only the Strange Remain (w/Jorma)>   Samson & Delilah>  Drums>  Jam>  The Other One  China Doll (Phil)>  China Cat Sunflower>  I Know You Rider  (no encore)
Pine Knob Music Center

  Clarkston, MI
 Playin' in the Band>  Hell in a Bucket  Scarlet Begonias>  Fire on the Mountain  Jack-A-Roe (Bob & Mark acoustic; Phil vocals)  When I Paint My Masterpiece  Hound Dog  Birdsong  Rainbow's Cadillac>  Franklin's Tower> (Bob vocals)  Drums>Space>  Banyan Tree  Playin' Reprise>  Wharf Rat>  Throwin' Stones>  Not Fade Away
Deer Creek Music Center 
Nobleville, IN
 Shakedown Street>  Easy Answers  Ramble On Rose  Down the Road  Mountains of the Moon  Queen Jane Approximately  Lost Sailor>  Saint of Circumstance>  Other One>  Space>  Drums>  Space>  Way It Is>  Let It Grow  Uncle John's Band
The World Music Thtr.
Tinley Park, IL
 Truckin>  Jack Straw  Mystery Train  Loose Lucy  Only The Strange Remain  FOTD  Loser  Estimated>  Corrina>  Drumz>  Space>  Rainbow's Cadillac>  Other One>  China Doll  GDTRFB
Riverport Amphitheatre
Maryland Heights, MO
Good Lovin'  Sugaree  Mississippi Half Step  Baba Jingo  Gone Fishin' (with Johnny Johnson)  Little Red Rooster (with Johnny Johnson)  Tennesse Jed>  Easy Answers>  Drums>  Preacher in the Ring>  Across the River  Box of Rain  St. Stephen>  The Eleven>  Lovelight (with Johnny Johnson)
Fiddler's Green 
Englewood, CO
Concert Poster
Playin' in the Band >  All Along the Watchtower  Scarlet Begonias >  Fire on the Mountain  Jack A Roe (acoustic)  Minglewood Blues  Down the Road  (Love Supreme jam)   White Wheeled Limousine  Bird Song >  Samson > (w/Jorma)  drums > space >  Banyan Tree >  Playin' Reprise >  Wharf Rat >  Throwing Stones >  Not Fade Away  Encore: Ripple (acoustic)
Thomas & Mack Center
Las Vegas, NV
Shakedown Street  Ramble On Rose  Dark Star>  Jam>  West L.A. Fadeaway>  Hound Dog  Baba Jingo  Friend Of The Devil  Lost Sailor>  Saint Of Circumstance>  Jam>  Corrina>  Jam>  Drums>  Hornsby Solo>  Hornsby/Ellis Duet>  The Way It Is>  Uncle John's Band>  Sugar Magnolia
  Irvine Meadows
Irvine, CA
Truckin'>  Jam>  Jack Straw  Mystery Train  Loose Lucy  Mountains Of The Moon  Fields Of Athenry*  Only The Strange Remain  Loser>  Estimated Prophet>  Jam>  Drums>  Rainbow's Cadillac>  Other One Tease>  China Cat Sunflower>  I Know You Rider>  China Doll>  Touch Of Grey  *An Irish folk ballad, written by Pete St. John, and sung by guest vocalist Dennis McNeill is an old friend of Jerry, Bobby, Phil, and others in the GD family.
Shoreline Amphitheatre 
Mountain View, CA
Jam >   Dark Star (2nd verse)  Hell In A Bucket  Scarlet Begonias >  Fire On The Mountain (salsa rappin')>  Scarlet Begonias reprise  Mississippi 1/2 Step (Phil)  Queen Jane Approximately  Baba Jingo (Mickey)  Tennessee Jed (Bruce)  Bird Song (Bobby/Bruce) >  The Other One Jam>  Bird Song>  drums>   space >   Let It Grow >  Across The River >   Uncle John's Band (calypso jam) >  Box of Rain >  Good Lovin'
Shoreline Amphiteatre 
Mountian View, CA
U. S. Blues (Phil)  Playing in the Band >  The Other One (Billy Kreutzmann on talking drum)   Ramble On Rose (Bruce) (Bruce hugs Billy, Billy shakes Kimock's hand)   Down The Road Again (Kimock lap guitar, Karan acoustic)  Jack A Roe (Phil; Bobby acoustic)  Friend of the Devil (Bobby)  Iko Iko (Billy on Molo's drums)  China Cat Sunflower (Bobby) >  I Know You Rider >  drums (Billy and Mickey) >  Preacher in the Rain (Bruce)   Banyan Tree  Corrina >   Playing reprise >  The Other One >   Wharf Rat (Bruce) >  St. Stephen >   The Eleven >  Lovelight (w/ Jorma)  Encore  One More Saturday Night >  Touch of Grey (Bobby)