PhilBase 2009 - Phil Lesh Sit-Ins , THE DEAD, FURTHUR Setlists

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Phil With Jackie Greene 1/18/09 Washington, DC
THE DEAD 1/20/09 Obama Inauguration, Washington, DC
Phil & Bob
With Jackie Greene
2/18/09 SF, CA
Phil & Bob
With Jackie Greene
2/19/09 SF, CA
San Francisco
All-Stars with Phil
3/20/09 SF, CA
Phil & Bob With The
Allman Brothers Band
3/28/09 ABB w/ Phil+Weirsee photos
THE DEAD 3/30/09 Free Deadsee photos/see photos
THE DEAD 4/12/09 Greensborosee photos/see photos+
THE DEAD 4/14/09 Washington, DC
THE DEAD 4/15/09 Charlottesville, VA
THE DEAD 4/17/09 Albany, NY
THE DEAD 4/18/09 Worcester, MA
THE DEAD 4/19/09 Worcester, MA
THE DEAD 4/21/09 Buffalo, NY
THE DEAD 4/22/09 Wilkes-Barre, NY
THE DEAD 4/23/09 Letterman see photos
THE DEAD 4/24/09 Nassua Col, NY
THE DEAD 4/26/09 Hartford, CT
THE DEAD 4/28/09 E. Rutherford, NJ
THE DEAD 4/29/09 E. Rutherford, NJ
THE DEAD 5/1/09 PHIL-ly, PAsee photos
THE DEAD 5/2/09 PHIL-ly, PAsee photos
THE DEAD 5/4/09 Chicago, IL
THE DEAD 5/5/09 Chicago, IL
THE DEAD 5/7/09 Denver, CO
THE DEAD 5/9/09 Inglewood, CA
THE DEAD 5/10/09 Shoreline, CAsee photos/see photos
Phil, Bob, Warren Haynes 5/11/09 Phil, BW, WH - KFOG
THE DEAD 5/14/09 Shoreline, CA
THE DEAD 5/16/09 The Gorge, WA
THE DEAD 7/4/09 Rothbury, MI
FURTHUR 9/18/09 Fox Theater, GAsee photos
FURTHUR 9/19/09 Fox Theater, GA see photos/see photos
FURTHUR 9/20/09 Fox Theater, GAsee photos/see photos/see photos
Phil Lesh & Bob Weir
with WigJam
10/21/09 New York, NY
FURTHUR 11/20/09 Stealth Show, CA
Phil w/ Crowes 12/6/09 San Francisco, CA
FURTHUR 12/8/09 NYC, NYsee photos
FURTHUR 12/9/09 Hammersteinsee photos
FURTHUR 12/11/09 Wallingford, CT
FURTHUR 12/12/09 Asbury Park, NJ
PHILHARMONIA 12/20/09 San Francisco, CA
FURTHUR 12/13/09 Convention Hall, NJ
FURTHUR 12/27/09 Mill Valley, CA
FURTHUR 12/28/09 Mill Valley, CA
FURTHUR 12/30/09 BG Civic Ctr, SF, CA
FURTHUR 12/31/09 New Year's Eve, SF

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