Touloos Ta' Truck
*very* sporadic: February to December 1975
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals?

John Allair - keyboards, lead vocals

Terry Haggerty - guitar, vocals?

Steve Mitchell - drums 

PLEASE let me know if you have any more info - ie show dates, setlists 

2/14/76 - ??

5/17/76 River City, Fairfax, CA
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SBD 135 minutes

Setlist (thanks to Graham C.):
Fairfax Mama
Too Loose Ta Truck
Take Me Out To Dinner
Swanee River
Sugar Mama
Since I Fell For You>
Proud Mary Jam
Next Time You See Me>
Tell Me Mama
Shake It Mama
Slippin' & Slidin'
Standing At My Window>
Goodnight Sweetheart
What'd I Say
Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash>
Three Part Jam
Closing Jam

(Notes from Jelly) It's basically a series of extended jams with familiar riffs and lyrics plus improvisation. I don't recognize Phil Lesh's vocals on it, and I don't think Haggerty sung much if at all.

This tape is often mis-labelled as Fairfax 5/17/75 My copy of 5/19 came with a small repro of a handbill for the gig, which clearly states the venue as River City, Fairfax, and the date as Mon. May 17th. A little digging back by me finds it was indeed a Monday, so 5/19/76 is most likely accurate. (This handbill/poster is also in the excellent "The Art Of Rock" book.) Usually descriptions of the stuff played are the same...

OK, I've done a listen through to the Touloos tapes, and picked out bits of vocals
(not all the vocal lines though) which may identify stuff, as well as the odd riff.
It's very jam based; some of them are quite straightforward, some frequently change tempo and feel, so I haven't tried to log all the "sounds" or "feels" of them; similarly, I've only logged a couple of the guitar solos. Hope this helps (and hope it doesn't make it sound too boring!).

Tracks are separated by a blank line, so for example on "tape 1 side 1" below, the first track runs from 00.00 to 07.17, the second from 07.20 to 11.56 etc

Tape 1, side 1
00.00   Synthy sounding keyboard intro
00.30   Change to electric piano sound, a quickish tempo blues
        Vocals: "Oh Fairfax mama, baby where you been so long?
        Oh Fairfax mama, baby where you been all night
        Come home this morning and your clothes don't fit you right"
        etc, continues to end at 07.15
07.17   "Thank you folks"

07.20   Mid-tempo blues piano
08.45   "Oh yes Touloos Ta truck tonight mama" etc; keyboard changes to organ.
11.04   Another cry of "Too Loose; slightly slower coda? on piano.
11.56   end "Terry Haggerty on guitar, ladies and gentlemen"

12.13   Organ, mid-tempo blues
15.20   "He was a friend of mine" x 2
        "Take me out to dinner take me to your house" x 2
        music turns funkier
19.20   fizzles out

19.25   uptempo organ
20.20   "Way down upon the Blondi (?) river" x 2
22.00   Tasteful guitar solo until 23.00
24.00   "Feel alright I feel alright" x 2 or 3
27.10   end, brief tuning

27.40   "Sugar mama sugar mama where you get your sugar from" x 2
        "Must have got it from your daddy down on the sugar farm"
        "Put on your red dress mama" and as couple more lines from Hi Heel Sneakers
42.45   end

Tape 1 side 2
00.20   jazzy
        some vocals about "happy home"
        "Guess I'll never see the light, get the blues every night
        Since I fell for you.
Too bad and too sad that I got mixed up with you.
        First you love me then you snub me,
        I get the blues every night."
05.30   music becomes more urgent
07.25   Proud Mary riff to 07.35
09.45   end. "Thank you folks"

10.00   starts on the bass, with some keyboard noodling
12.30   fast repeating bass pattern until
13.15  keyboard then sounds like it's trying to break into "I'm A Man"
       15.30   guitar solo to 16.20
16.30   "next time you see me, things won't be the same" x 2
        plus the next couple of lines, then some more (improvised?) blues lyrics
25.10   ends

25.45   piano starts up with Louie Louie
26.05   vocals to Louie Louie start
28.00   guitar solo, quite Hendrix-y, until about 29.00
34.15   "Shake it mama, shake it all night long" x 3 or 4
35.40   "I've got a girl lives up on the hill" etc
38.40   end

39.00   swift boogie-ish version of Slippin' And-A Slidin'
        standardish run through of Slippin And-A Slidin'
43.50   end

Tape 2 Side 1 only
00.40   Jazzy blues
        "Well well well, I was standing at the window
        When I heard my Bugabow (?)"
        various other lyrics
08.10   start drum solo
11.50   end drum solo, seems to go into slow coda
13.30   "Well goodnight sweetheart"
16.00   "Hey mama don't you treat me wrong yeah"
16.20   very slow jazzy guitar solo (a bit like George Benson)
19.00   "I'm a thousand miles away and sleeping in the rain"
21.00   end

21.30   Starts with the "What I'd say (the old Ray Charles stomper) riff
        couple of lines of from What I'd say
30.00   couple of lines from "Your cash ain't nothing but trash"
35.00   fugue-like organ line
40.15   end

40.30   Instrumental jam to 46.30


More from Ben Marks:
"I was there, and other than being delighted to hear
Phil's trademark rumble paired with Haggerty's crazy
noodling, a highpoint of the show was the opening act,
who was none other than Father Guido Sarducci (Don
Novello) from Saturday Night Live. He did about a half
hour of standup, and sort of set the tone for an
evening of fun music that didn't take itself too seriously."

10/??/76 Keystone Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
SBD 75 minutes

12/10/76 - ??

12/19/76 Keystone Theater, Berkeley, CA
SBD 90 minutes

I Saw Her Standing There
High Place In Your Mind
Since I Fell For You
Shake Rattle and Roll
Better Listen To Me
  Suwanee River
Stagger Lee (traditional, not the Hunter/Garcia version)
Goin' To The River 

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