8/10/97 - Phil Lesh joins Vinyl
(together they play Good Lovin' & Gimme Some Lovin')
Benefit for the Bolinas-Stinson school system
near Bolinas Beach Bolinas, CA

From Rich Brooks'
Just down the road from Point Reyes National Seashore/Bolinas Beach was a benefit for Bolinas-Stinson School System where a band called Vinyl was playing, so we went to go check them out. We had also heard a rumor that Phil Lesh was going to join them on stage. I didn't really have too much hope for that, but it sounded good anyway.

When we got there and saw how small the set up was, I was pretty sure Phil wouldn't be there. It was free parking, free to get in, and a small donation for the school system requested. No police, no guards, no ushers. Just a very relaxed community of hippies dancing, grooving, and occasionally smoking.

It was so laid back in fact, that when we got in, the "band" was made up of two little children singing songs and playing flute. It was actually kind of cute. In between bands a man with the last name Green stood up and told us how important the children of the 60's were, how we needed a viable third party, and how we needed to recycle.

Soon Vinyl took the stage and people started to groove. I guess they're starting to get a good buzz going here, and they did cook. One of the percussionists from Santana took the stage with them, and things started to get really funky. It was about this time that Juli told me that there had been a Phil sighting.

Three or four songs into the set they introduced a "special friend" and Phil took the stage. He rocked out with them on covers of Good Lovin' and Gimme Some Lovin', and people were psyched. 

As I looked around I saw people getting down, children dancing, and the hills rising up in the background in this overcast but beautiful day. It was a great way to observe the anniversary of Jerry's death.

These pictures were taken by Rich Brooks, who on his cross-country trip, spotted Phil, Elvis, and a host of aliens from Roswell, New Mexico to Venice Beach, CA. Vegas, Yosemite, New Orleans, it's all here.
Kill a few hours reliving his trip in beautiful detail - it's a vitual reality!
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Thanks Rich!

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