8-12-99 Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO
Phil Lesh & Friends

Fillmore 8/12 -- Nicholas Brush, 08:01:06 08/17/99 Tue

I didn't see any posts about the first night at the Fillmore, but I do consider them as part of the same run. I was so psyched to be there and have a ticket for me & my buddy. The only other
time I'd seen anyone from the Dead in such a small venue was when Brent & Billy played in
my town (Newark, DE) at the Stone Balloon with members of Santana (gtr. from Youngbloods) a Go Ahead. 

The Fillmore itself, for those of you who haven't seen it, is VERY cool. I'm not
good with numbers, but I think I was told it held 1,000. But I think I heard someone else say
3,000. The main floor takes up most of the place, but on the peripheral of the inside is the
balcony (walking/standing area) on the upstairs and downstairs on the edge it is elevated
several feet from the floor and there are some tables with chairs, but mostly lots of
room. Also, really cool pictures that filled up the entire walls with photos of musicians who had played there and other Denver and nearby areas venues in the past (some not that long ago). Off the top of my head - Jethro Tull, Crash Test Dummies, The Grateful Dead (who played the Denver Fillmore when it was called something else it began with an "M" , I think. Anyone know? ) , Willie Nelson, many people also from bands that no longer exist or maybe were around and had a following at the time, but a lot of people might not know. Well, I guess
enough about the wall of the Denver Fillmore. 

There were LOTS of bars, which seemed to me quite easy to get access too, maybe too much so for my buddy, who hadn't caught up with me since the last hour of Galactic (this show was looooong 6 hours, at least, 3 different acts). I finally found him at the very end, when the place was clearing out and was almost empty. He was sitting on the steps with 2 paramedics, who were asking him about his orientation to time and place, was he tripping, etc. My friend had just made it a point to get drunk (and listen to the show) and was very dehydrated and disoriented. The paramedics made me promise that I'd hold him up to keep him from falling as we walked the 3 blocks to the place we were staying.

The music? Glad you asked. Keller Williams started with a 15 minute set (solo acoustic); he
also did the same one night at Red Rocks, I think. And he also made an appearance with
String Cheese at Red Rocks doing the "mouth noises as trumpet" thing (and very well, too).
String Cheese was the first main act at the Fillmore and they did a great set. I've been
listening to them only a month or two, just getting into them, but I really admire their ability to
play bluegrass and jazz styles, with cool lyrics, and occasional Phish-like silly songs (the two
guitarists actually did the "jumping up & down thing" (sans trampoline) that Phish do for half a
minute while playing. But this isn't to compare the two bands any more than that. SCI have a
very unique sound. Michael Kang with his fiddle, electric mandolin, and lead guitar playing as
well as singing, Bill Nershi's (spelling ?) acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals, as well as Kyle Hollingsworths's unique keyboard playing, all these guys really give String Cheese their sound. I liked them even better Friday night. 

Phil & Friends came out next. This was my first Phil & Friends show (and first time in Colorado) I was surprised to see Phil open with Cryptical Envelopement> the Other One, as I was surprised at how many Bobby tunes he's been singing (I did read an interview with Phil saying he considered certain Bobby tunes to be fair game and not "too sacred" for him to play. Actually, I think he refused to say there was any tune he wouldn't do. Warren Haynes took 'the Bobby slot' and did a great Smokestack Lightning. Warren is naturally well suited to singing the blues r & b style, as well as Brent sounding high harmonies. Warren also did one of my favorite latter day Allmanís tunes, Soul Shine. Does anyone know if Warren sang on the original? I always thought it was Gregg. Phil again took over vocals for Cold Rain. His voice sounds OK on this one; I think he's starting to realize some of the limitations of his voice range - like he needs to sing the songs that need a lower range voice, or he needs to bring it down an octave or two - like in Broken Arrow. Eyes of the World, for instance, is too high for him (I think that was done on the show that was just released with Jorma from a month ago). 

To me, what's strange is that the Dead singer least represented in Phil's repertoire is Phil songs. The only song I can think of from the 3 nights that Phil did with the Dead is Broken Arrow. What about Unbroken, Pride of Cucamonga, CHILDHOOD'S END, Wave to the Wind, Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues (and other Phil- Brent duets. like Keep On Growin' ) ?? I guess we'll get SOME of those the rest of this tour (that's it for me though, for this tour). Warren did a nice job doing another bluesy tune, Deal, also doing a fine job. I thought is singing was great all 3 nights. My only critique is that it might have been more loud/passionate. But remember, he is just doing many of these songs for the first time. Phil did decently with Alabama, though my favorite non-Jerry performer of this one is Bob Dylan. Mts. of the Moon is really growing into a tune that suits Phil, and was done well. Warren did a (passionate !) Watchtower, then after Phil did his organ donor wrap, the Friends & Phil finished up with a jammin' Help>Slip> (One Way Out jam) > Franklin's , no encore

Re: Fillmore 8/12 -- John Hirsch, 13:15:15 09/14/99 Tue

                                 >The Grateful Dead (who played 
                                 > the Denver Fillmore when it was called something else
                                 > it began with an "M" , I think. Anyone know? ) , 

The "M" is for Mammoth theatre.
8/12 Fillmore -- Didjeridu, 07:49:28 08/14/99 Sat

Walking in to the Fillmore, there was a cursory search, very mellow didn't really search, just making it look good for the authorities. There was a brief I.D. check for alcohol and then what a shock, the place was jumping already and was only a little after 7:00pm. I hadn't seen such a large crowd of really cool people in about a year. Two of what looked like 7 bars had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which I thought was a nice touch. The security were really cool, only during Phil when the place was jumping, did they ask people to clear the stairs, walkways etc. which was necessary anyway. Seemed like a really light police presence, and a few relaxed paramedics and fire staff. 

String Cheese Incident where playing, but there was a light buzz coming from the right speaker stack when a long low bass note was played, and I got a little concerned. Immediately, someone next to me said "I hope it's not going to be like this" which is exactly what I was about to say (syncronistic thinking at a head show( is that rare ?)) The hum was fixed by the end of the set however and we could all relax. 

When Phil came out, the entire auditorium shook with applause and screaming, Phil seemed really surprised and laughed, covered his face with his arms as if being blasted by the noise and said hello. I was really impressed with the speed at which they got the set moving, they didn't really waste any time. The sound was good, but Phil's vocals where a little light which was more apparent when he gave his organ donor request. I had to reiterate the jist of his speech to some confused people standing next to me. Phil is an incredible person, and was an honor to be with him tonight. I wonder how many lives will be saved by donors who are inspired by Phil. 

Great show, finished by about 11:30pm and then very strange, at the end of Franklins' the house lights came up, no encore, house music playing and a guy comes out and does a Rap/Vocal/Scratch/Bass thing entirely vocalized. Then they set up Galactic to play. I was really tired by that time, since I'd been travelling all night so I left, I figured that I would catch them later on this tour.

more fillmore -- drew edmondson, 11:29:57 08/13/99 Fri

Can't help but feel that the Dick Latvala vibe is only going to get stronger as this tour moves on..it was certainly a force last night..It is always special when a group of friends (over three thousand last night) can have a fine party for a friend moved forward whether they knew him personally or not. It takes a sense of loss and returns it to joy. This will be the farewell Dick mini-tour that will be added to my Dick's Picks.

Philmore......... -- Brian Warden, 08:17:51 08/13/99 Fri

Well, where do you start? I thought it took Warren the Cryptical>Smokestack to really start feeling it. Warren didn't seem to be as adept at just 'noodling' during the more free form stuff (he just loves to rip). This worked out quite nicely though because Kimock is the master of the noodle.

Highlights: Everything moved me. I really got into the Cold Rain. There was a ton of energy throughout. Warren's vocals added a really cool touch to the watchtower. Franklin's was truly gigantic.

Haynes was a cool choice (albeit an obvious one). I was really absorbed by what blues influenced slide guitar did for gd music. Jerry played a sweet slide, but it wasn't his bread and butter like it is for warren.

Fillmore: Well, I went to the Trey show (grand opening of this venue) and although the show was sold out, there were probably 75% of the number of people as last night. It was VERY HOT, and no room to move....at all. Itís really a wonderful venue though, I am glad to have it in my home town.

Can't wait for tonight,

P&F@ The Philmore -- Daniel L. Edwards, 06:24:22 08/13/99 Fri

Before they played a note, Phil dubbed this the "Dick Latvala Memorial Show". In the two hours (no break-no encore) that followed, the musicians did his memory proud indeed!

With the exception of two covers, it was a night of Grateful Dead music that was played as if these guys had been at it together for years. After a totally sick Cryptical->Other One->Smokestack->Other One->Cryptical opener, a friend turned to me and said, "Grateful Dead in the house tonight." All I could do was smile like the Cheshire Cat and nod as they slid into a sweet Soul Shine that elicited memories of both Dick and Brent, and from there it was full speed ahead into smoking renditions of Alabama Getaway, Cold Rain and Snow and Deal.

Though we certainly wanted more after an incendiary Help->Slip->Franklin's that threatened to take the roof off this jewel of a venue, everyone seemed blissfully satisfied with what we'd been served. As we stumbled into the cool Colorado night, expectations were already running high for the second course of this musical feast.

Re: P&F@ The Philmore -- boogie-d, 20:30:08 08/14/99 Sat

Canít wait to see everybody's boat in the water!