8-17&18-99 Cuthbert Ampitheatre Eugene, OR
Phil Lesh & Friends

8/18/99 - eugene -- jeff, 21:03:29 08/19/99 Thu

The sound checks in Eugene were almost like rehearsals, with Phil calling out chords, repeat takes of several songs, and the length!...80 to 100 minutes each day by most people's count! just waiting in line sounded great!! It did make the actual set pretty predictable, NOT an insignificant thing if, say, you never expected a wickid China Doll to fall out!

Here's the 2nd day (8/18) sound check/rehearsal:
Casey jones (many takes)
Warren Haynes song
Half step
Like a rolling stone
Know you rider
She said
Tomorrow never knows
blue sky
days between

This sound check ended after 4pm for a show that started at 4:38. We were in line and it had done its compression thing - we were all tight packed yelling for Phil to hurry up and finish so they would open the gate. Remember this is after about 75-80 minutes of playing.
You can't compare the two nights of Eugene since the particular lineup made each night unique. The first night had a real ensemble feel, with each musician really stretching out the tunes. I thought Michael Kang and Kimock really listened to each other well, never stepping on the other's lines. The overall energy was so intense, the crowd definitely responded to the jamminess of this show. How great to see Phil out front leading a band. and who could you trust more to pull together the  hottest band? Only Phil in his perfectionist glory can ensure that each band member is a virtuoso. Molo is hotter than I'd heard - with him laying down the beat, every other member was free to roam, and roam they did... the dark star jam had everything you could want. Brief other one tease. China doll was apocalyptic! The jam out of china doll made you want to cry, it worked perfectly into My favorite things and after about 15 minutes segued beautifully into the second verse of dark star.  Brief smokestack tease, and then a ripping Eyes that backed into the most creative GDTFRB intro I've ever heard! Goin down was the perfect closer - and Phil gave us bid you goodnight to put the exclamation point on it!

Second night of Eugene was like seeing a new band - that's the influence that Warren Haynes brings. not to say he necessarily dominates, but there was definitely less of an ensemble feel, where everyone was going to get a little bit more to do.

The Rolling Stone>Rider was very amazing and wonderfully, if precariously, held together through some out there noodling by Kimock. That guy can play - period. The rider section came and went, and I swear I heard the closing riffs to cosmic charlie a few times before rider came crashing through. This 2 song opener was 38 minutes!!

After that stellar opening, the rest of the show rode a much gentler trajectory. I just didn't dance as hard compared to the first night. Still a great evening though. I did a lot of just listening to Phil and to hear him hit every single note possible for the entire length of a 40 minute jam, and I mean hitting him HARD, it made me realize that yes, he is a god. I'd travel just to listen to him and Molo jam! He looks to be very hale and hearty, and he smiled a whole lot!!

Have fun at the Greek folks, it could be quite special!!