Phil and Friends
Spring Tour 2000
The Band: 

Phil Lesh, John Molo (drums)
Jeff Pevar (gtr), Jimmy Herring (gtr)
Rob Barraco (keys)

Oakdale Theatre, 
Wallingford, CT - 4.6.00
Set I.
(7:35) Jam> Attics>
Box of Rain 
Dark Star> Cosmic Charlie> Half Step> 

Cold Rain and Snow (over 8:40)
Set II. 
(9:22pm) Jam> Wish You Were Here> 

Alabama Getaway> 
Dark Star> Crazy Fingers> 

Help> Slipknot> Franklin's Tower (10:56) 

E (11:00): Like a Rolling Stone (over 11:12pm) 

Orpheum Theatre 
Boston, MA - 4.8.00
Set I. 

(7:35) Jam> (7:55) St. Stephen> 

(8:10) Eleven (sung)>  

(8:20) Friend of the Devil (Peev on lap guitar)>
(8:30) Shakedown Street> (8:40) Tom Thumb

(8:48) Bird Song (ends 9:02)
Set II.
(9:47pm) Uncle John's Band> 

In Your Eyes> Dear Mr. Fantasy (Peev vox)> 

(10:45) Someday My Prince May Come> 

(10:58) Mountains of the Moon> 

(11:11) Mid Hour (Peev vox) (over 11:25)

E: * Wolfman's Brother
(Mike Gordon on bass) 

Orpheum Theatre 

Boston, MA - 4.9.00
Set I. 

Jam> Playin (Rob vox)> 

Deal> New Potato Caboose> 

Blue Sky (Rob, Peev, Phil vox)

Set II. 
Dancin' in the Streets>

Watchtower (Rob vox)> 

(Caution jam)> Playin' Reprise 

Wild Horses>  Wheel> 

Fire on the Mountain

E: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Orpheum Theatre,

Boston, MA - 4.10.00
Set I. 

(8:00) Viola Lee, (8:25) Tenn Jed (Rob vox)> 

(8:42) Broken Arrow> (8:53) Scarlet Begonias> 

I Know You Rider (ends 9:11)
Set II. 
(10:00) Jam> 
(10:07) Brokedown Palace> 
(10:15) Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (Rob)> 

(10:35) Terrapin> (11:00) Milestones 

(11:25) Morning Dew (ends 11:40) 

E: Casey Jones (Peev vox)

Orpheum Theatre, 
Boston, MA - 4.11.00
Set I. 

Jam> Cryptical> 

Other One (1st verse)> 

China Doll> Other One (2nd verse)> 

Cryptical> Sugaree (Rob vox) 

Foolish Heart
Set II. 
Jam> Like a Rolling Stone> 

Bertha (Rob vox)> 

Pride of Cucamonga> Come Together 

Eyes of the World> GDTRFB> 

We Bid You Goodnite 

E: Ripple 

Tower Theater, 
Philadelphia, PA - 4.13.00
Set I. 
Jam> Help on the Way> 

Slipknot!> Cosmic Charlie> 

New Potato Caboose> Get Together
Set II. 
Jam> Bird Song> 

Alligator> Days Between 

Dire Wolf> Not Fade Away> 

Franklin's Tower 

E: Whiskey in the Jar 

Tower Theater, 
Philadelphia, PA - 4.14.00
*with Greg Osby on sax
Set I. 

Jam, (0:13) Wheel> (0:24) Jam> 

(0:33) Deal> 
(0:47) *Dark Star (1st verse)> 

(1:11) *Mountains of the Moon> 

(1:20) Mr. Tamborine Man (ends 1:33)
Set II. 
Jam> (0:20) Cold Rain> 
(0:45) *New Speedway (1st time)> 

(0:57) *Friend of the Devil> 

*Crazy Fingers> 
(1:20) Terrapin Station> 
*Midnight Hour (ends 1:50)

E: Box of Rain

Tower Theater, 
Philadelphia, PA - 4.15.00
Set I.

*Why Don't We Do It In the Road>
(*1st time) Jam> 

(0:32) Stagger Lee> Jam>

Miss. Half-Step>
Scarlet Begonias>
Cumberland Blues (ends 1:25)
Set II.
Casey Jones (Peev)> (0:07) Jam>

(0:17) Broken Arrow> (0:25)
Dark Star>
(2nd verse sung 0:37-0:39)

(0:48) Unbroken Chain> 

Fire on the Mountain> 
Brokedown Palace (ends 1:22)
E: Saint Stephen (1:31-1:44)

Beacon Theater, 
New York, NY - 4.17.00
Set I.

(8:20) *Here Comes Sunshine>
(*1st time)
Friend of the Devil>
Shakedown St.(Rob vox)>
Cosmic Blue Jam>
Foolish Heart> I Know You Rider (ends 9:15)

Set II. 
Viola Lee Blues>
Wish You Were Here> Jam>
Eyes of the World> GDTRFB>
Bid U Goodnight
E: Like a Rolling Stone

Beacon Theater, 
New York, NY - 4.18.00
Set I.
(8:10) Jam> (8:30) Uncle John's Band>
(8:45) Jam> (8:48) Broken Arrow>
(9:00) Cosmic Charlie
(9:11) Jack-a-Roe>
(9:15) Tennessee Jed (Rob)
Set II. 
with Warren Haynes on guitar
(10:00) Jam>
Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys>Jam>
Blue Train> Pride of Cucamonga>
Just a Little Light (Warren)>
Morning Dew> Sugaree (Warren)>
Lovelight (Warren)
E: Tom Thumb

Beacon Theater, 
New York, NY - 4.19.00
Set I.

Short Jam> Cold Rain>
Crazy Fingers> New Speedway>
New Potato> Bertha
Set II.
Jam> Scarlet>
Dire Wolf, Bird Song>
Saint Stephen> The Eleven>
Not Fade Away
E: Attics

Beacon Theater, 
New York, NY - 4.21.00
Set I.
Jam> Playin'>
In Your Eyes> Jam>
Half-Step> Come Together>
Playin' coda> Fire on the Mtn.
Set II.

Jam> Terrapin> Jam>
China Doll> Jam> Deal>
Smokestack Lightnin'> Midnight Hour>
Playin Reprise
E: Casey Jones

Beacon Theater, 
New York, NY - 4.22.00
*with Branford Marsalis on sax
Set I.

Jam> Dark Star (1st v)>
*Dancin'> *Dark Star Jam>
*Alligator> *Mind Left Body Jam>
*Friend on the Devil> *Cumberland
Set II.
*Jam> *Do It In The Road>
*Jam> *Dark Star (2nd v)>
*Jam> *Eyes> *Space>
*Help> *Slipknot> *Franklin's
E: Ripple

Beacon Theater, 
New York, NY - 4.23.00
Set I.
Jam, Unbroken Chain> Space>
Tambourine Man> Easter Bunny Jam>
Uncle John's Band> Hare-Raising Jam>
Days Between> Jelly Bean Jam> Wheel

Set II.
Jam> Cryptical> Other One>
Mtns. of the Moon> Other One>
Cryptical> Tiger-ish Space>
Get Together> Blue Sky
E: Brokedown> Box of Rain

Other Printer Friendly Setlists: Summer / Fall
* Gathered and culminated by R.Lucente, Jendee and Bret Heisler

Many thanks to all the PHIL-anthropists out there for the help.