2015-05-09 ~ Brothers Comatose with Phil& TFB

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May 9, 2015 ( 5-9-15 )
The Brothers Comatose with Phil Lesh & TFB
Terrapin Crossroads (Back Patio)
San Rafael, CA

Band: Brothers Comatose (Alex and Ben Morrison (electric guitar, bass, and drums) with upright bass player Gio Benedetti relegated to tambourine (normally playing bass), Ryan Avellone (mandolin)) with Terrapin Family Band members Ross James, Alex Koford, and Phil Lesh and *Nicki Bluhm

Acoustic: Pie for Breakfast, Bertha, Dead Flowers, Tell It To Me (aka Cocaine Blues), *Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad

Thanks to
http://www.gratefulweb.com/articles/brothers-comat ose-w-phil-lesh-review

"With Lesh’s work over for the night, the sufficiently warmed-up audience, many of whom presumably were having their first go at a Brothers Comatose show, danced, frolicked, and swayed to every song of the Brothers Comatose’s second set. In addition to being chock full of great contemporary newgrass players, the Brothers are fine song crafters as well, and endeared the crowd with back stories to many of the their tunes, including “Me & My Brother,” and “The Ballad of Tommy Decker.” Nicki Bluhm returned twice during the set, first for “Morning Time,” which she recorded with The Brothers a few years back, and then for the Jefferson Airplane’s old standard that she’s mastered, “Somebody to Love.” Sometime around mid-set, fiddler Philip Brezia broke a string but had no spare. He tried to mend it with one of Alex Morrison’s banjo strings but to no avail. In the end, the ever-ready Ross James and Alex Koford returned to the stage, and the band threw out the rest of the planned set for impromptu acoustic/electric performances of such tunes as the Stanley Brothers’ “Long Journey Home,” The Rolling Stones’ “Sweet Virginia,” The Faces’ “Ohh-La-La,” and the Brothers own “Strings.”

As per usual, Terrapin Crossroads had a busy dinner crowd over in the classy adjacent restaurant, where early-seated patrons enjoyed their food with the smooth sounds of the Michael LaMacchia 3io, which offered jazzed-up instrumental versions of jammy numbers including The Grateful Dead’s “Bird Song.” Later arrivals were serenaded in the restaurant/bar by the Sandy’s duo, featuring Alexi Glickman.

Funny observation: You can often smell grilled steaks outside of a restaurant, and once in a while, you may sense the wafting aroma of reefer in the air, but between sets at Terrapin Crossroads, in the cool evening air, one can experience a truly heady simultaneous mixed aroma of high-grade barbecue and high-grade herb. Put that in your pipe and smoke it."