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From my couch this sounded like an intriguing lineup although I wish I could've heard Oteil better in the spotty streams and periscope videos I was able to find. Wish they had done official streams a la Phish for better sound. Seems like Mayer did about as good a job as could be expected considering he is new to all of the tunes and my only complaint is that he doesn't know yet when to lay back and let a section breath and lacks the dynamic range the songs require to fully blossom and develop through tension and release cycles. But when he was on it was like listening to earlier incarnations when the band was like a freight train of energy. The later shows in the tour show that he was starting to listen better and let some interplay with Chimenti happen in some jams, rather than just soloing all the time. Will be curious to see if they continue into 2016. Would love to hear from folks who were there. From here they sounded like a really rockin' version of the Dead. It ain't never gonna be like it was in the old days, but if they can mature into a group mind that really engages the mellower and beautiful aspects of the music they might be onto something beyond just a cover band. They nailed a lot of the more rockin material though, and I did enjoy a couple of the Darkstars. The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment at the last Vegas show was really nice too. Hope they continue to expand the song selection. So many other great tunes I miss and would welcome.