8-2,3,4-01 VA Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte

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Three great shows with Phil headlining two of them. The VA show had a great rock 'n roll feel with: Watchtower, Strawberry Fields, Cosmic, and Sunshine. WOW!. Walnut Creek gave us the Wheel, Casey Jones, and a cool venue and staff. Charlotte, well... great music, the Allmans gave us Blue Sky, Phil gave us Brown Eyed Women and more. The Charlotte venue gave us busted vendors, rude staff, and rough lot scene. Otherwise these three shows were a welcome vacation to the everyday.... Thanks Phil, Warren, Derek, Jimmy, Rob, Gregg, Susan, and the rest.... See ya next time around...

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hmmmmmmmmmm. I saw the scene completely different. The security in Raleigh was horendous. Couldnt take a step anywhere without security and a flashlight in your face. Charlotte was an extremely cool scene. Not a cop to be seen anywhere in the lots, at least whre we were, and inside it was wide open. No problem going wherever and it was a smoke fest. Everyone was nice, loving and very peaceful. The vibe was very cool and it appeared to extend to the band. P&F seemed uptight in Raleigh and IMHO it showed in the music. We coined Raleigh as Veggie Phil. No Meat and little substance. Sure we got a Shakedown, Wheel, Scarlet, but it just didnt have the meat that we are used to. Charlotte was definately chunky from start to finish. Overall, the shows were a blast and we anxiously await the start of th next tour.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Al White (Alwhite) on Monday, August 06, 2001 - 11:55 am: Edit Post

What a show! This was the third and last leg of our ride on the bus (Camden, Merriweather, Raleigh). And it was quite the culmination of one very entertaining week of fun and music.

LG, Ed and myself flew out of Philly on Friday arriving at Raleigh at 4:00 pm. Brother-in law Nick (“Father Nick”) picked us up with his vehicle packed with a cooler filled pre-show liquid goodies and a delicious after show rib and turkey barbeque. Nick, who has joined us for many a Dead show in the past, happens to be an owner of a few great local establishments in the Raleigh area. He generously presented us each with our keys to complimentary rooms at his Comfort Suites Hotel and then… a surprise rendezvous with Louis D, a lifelong friend who has made his mark as a happening location Producer for many Hollywood movie productions in Wilmington, NC. Lou was with us “back in the day” at many a show including Englishtown in 1977. Needless to say, it was an extreme pleasure to have Louis and Nick on the bus.

We arrived at Alltel at 4:30 and after some nice pre-show activities, I hurried into the pavilion to catch the Derek Band. Incidentally from what I could see, the lot scene was totally cool. No intrusive police, open vending, beers in bottles were no problem, dogs on leashes…..very cool scene indeed.. I was thinking that perhaps all the discussion on this board might have helped. Either that or this crowd was just plain cooler.

As I went to take my seat, (second row, far left), I noticed that the pavilion area was at best 1/3 filled…then Phil comes up on stage from the right with bass in tow and
Susan Tedeschi enters from the left. Since there was hardly no one in row 2 center, I helped myself to the front and center spot to thoroughly enjoy this classic Susan Tedeschi sung Lovelight. (I had seen Susan sing this at Temple University in Philly during the 2000 fall tour.) Phil as usual kept the Lovelight bass line bouncing along. To my extra delight, the dancer, I’ve been admiring from the soundboard at Camden and the stage at Merriweather (her name is Kelly) pops up right next to me to join me in a Lovelight shuffle. As Derek’s guitar and Susan’s voice wailed, I knew a very special evening had begun. Let it Shine, Let it shine.

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As Phil and the boys took the stage, at least half of row 2 center was open, so I counted my blessings and stayed to witness our heroes front and center…. awesome.

It was a very hot late afternoon setting and under the lights, it must have been over 100 degrees on stage. Incidentally, Since ABB was slated for primetime, their lightshow took precedent, so Candice show was reduced to a basic stripped-down version.

One more side note before my song by song review. Raleigh, NC is Allman brothers Terittory. Most of the crowd was ABB fans first and Phil fans second. Having Phil play back-up this evening was both proper and fitting. Neither band disappointed in their role.

The opening Jam, was a lively frolic through many themes and at one point slowed down to a little “He’s Gone” (perhaps a Garcia Birthday/Deathday tribute). That evolved into an energetic and very well played and sung Ramble On. Then they stopped for a little rest and hydration. The boys had a nice sweat going already. I was able to eye my bud Ed in the crowd behind me and waved him up since there were still multiple openings next to me. Ed came up and joined me in Schaeffer City.

Celebration > Jam> Casey Jones were all stellar. Celebration is a very tight song now.the first time I heard it at the E-factory in Philly this spring, it seemed very lyric heavy, but now I can say I love the all upbeat lyrics and the music and jamming to it just keep getting hotter.

A father and his young son who was wearing a Charlotte 420 shirt behind me were both in attendance at the historic 420 show. They both agreed that this Casey Jones was a 420 Casey, with its speeded up, hyper kinetic ending. The crowd went wild . The band was having fun, but it was hot and time to stop after that intense effort to try to cool down a little. Jimmy Herring’s face was getting very pink and he was sweating profusely. I guess it didn’t bother him much because….

He was about to totally amaze and entertain us with an epic Cumberland. The jam and the song were one of the great highlights of a highlight-filled evening. This was the point in the evening that it appeared that Warren decided to lay back, conserve his energy for his ABB main event and let Jimmy be Jimmy. And I’m telling you Jimmy was HUGE…. just unbelievable. I’m sure the tapes/CD’s will bear this out.

Another break and then a sweet, solid Lay of The Sunflower. Warren’s ballad of the evening

The show exploded with Phil’s opening bass line to Shakedown and the energy never fizzled as it developed into a short and soulful Wheel, killer Scarlet and stomping Rider. Rider was teased earlier and its set-ending delivery was a huge crowd pleaser.
Incidentally the people (obvious ABB fans) who occupied our seats finally came during Scarlet and we enjoyed the set closing with plenty of room to dance from in front of the soundboard.

I’m still humming the Doin that Rag encore. Very well sung and played.

I’ll soon review the ABB set, which featured a monumental Franklin’s Tower with everbody!

I need to run now as my mother in law, Jean has just passed on and I have things to take care of.

More later….hopefully, but first I wish to express many many thanks to LG and his family’s southern, down-home hospitality and generosity

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By brad kelsky (Flalawyer) on Monday, August 06, 2001 - 12:39 pm: Edit Post

IMHO, I would say that Charlotte was the Second Set to what was really a First Set in Raleigh.

In Raleigh, the venue was pretty more than half-empty when PLQ took stage. We were treated to a nice jam flowing into Ramble on Rose that had that nice rag time feel (a feel that would be repeated with the nice Doin' That Rag encore). I would say that Raleigh didn't really have that long jammy feel for Phil's set, possibly because the air temperature was hovering somewhere over 1,000,000 degrees.

Anyway, I really like Celebration and the vocal thing they did at the end was great. The Casey Jones that followed reminded me of a train leaving the station-- the chorus at the end was repeated faster and faster until it reached a frantic pace. Cumberland was nice, but shorter than I'm used to. While I like Forest of Fennario, I thought that Rock 'N Roll Blues would have fit nicely into this set. (I happen to like that song the best of the new ones and feel it would be a little more consistent with the overall feel of the set.) Shakedown was a complete and pleasant surprise- I recall it being relatively short but with a nice bite. I like PLQ's arrangement of The Wheel (much slower than the Dead did in the 90s). For me, the highlight of the show was the Scarlet>Rider. The jam into Rider was hot! (I am almost 100% positive they teased Scarlet in the Jam out of Celebration.)
The show concluded with a crunchy Doin' That Rag encore.
All in all, it was a nice set. While I would have preferred a little more jam, the set raised my expecations for Charlotte.

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Charlotte did not disappoint. It freakin' rocked.
Nice long jam to open for what was an awesome Dear Mr. Fantasy. Warren's voice is perfect for this song and the playing by both Jimmy and Warren was excellent. Fantasy was followed by a long and upbeat jam that teased BEW for a while before rolling into it. Brown-eyed had upbeat jamming and, in my opinion, was the highlight of the night for Robbie. I just love the short stacatto stabs at the keys to complement the quick picking of Jimmy and Warren. After Phil closed out BEW, the band took a breath and rolled into one smoking and long Unbroken Chain. After a nice She Said and a long Stella Blue, the band took another breath and BAM!-- St. Stephen>11>St. Stephen. It just rocked and boy did it rock hard. I always understood that Jerry didn't like playing St. Stephen because it was too complex and had difficult transitions. Well, all I can say is that PLQ knows how to rip this song to pieces and then put it back together perfectly. Totally upbeat and happy. St. Stephen then flowed into an Inspiration Jam that had a sort of spanishy feel. I like the treatment of this song, but I like it better when it accompanies Lady With a Fan. Golden Road closed out the set--as fast and as furious as a freight train. Phil shook his fist like he'd just crushed a pitch into the stands and the encore of Patchwork Quilt into Blue Sky was great. Crowd loved the "Carolina" lyrics in Blue Sky.

Of the shows I caught in Spring and Summer, the Charlotte show ranks up there as one of the best. The set was pure music bliss and I'm now lamenting the fact I'm sitting at a desk, at work with no shows to see for a while.

The MVP of the Charlotte show was the whole band. The audience gave back in cheers and excitement to what Phil and the boys gave us in jamming.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Donova Douma (Donovan) on Tuesday, August 07, 2001 - 02:25 pm: Edit Post

Ahhhhhhhhhh the DEAD-), seeing how most of us where @ Raleigh we will touch lightly on that show...not that it wasn't one of the best deadish show this 50 show deadhead has seen-).

Ramble On Rose
Casey Jones
Cumberland Blues
Lay of the Sunflower
Shakedown Street>
The Wheel>
Scarlet Begonias>
I Know You Rider
E: Doin' That Rag

Great way to open, with a ramble on rose....the crowd was smiling and as we began to shuffle our feet the old familiar grace started to come back around...Celebration is a great tune...."Let a fresh wind tear through your soul Swallow your sorrow and deliver you whole Give you reason to believe again
But finish that prayer before you say Amen...." the stage had been set, the words have rang TRUE, now it was time to get on WITH the SHOW...lets show are new brothers and sisters how that needle was sowed.....the Casey Jones wound us up, fast and fury I 've never seen that train run so fast...Cumberland had us back on the porch having us a big old hoe-down..." Can I go, buddy, can I go down...take your shift at the mine"....I know I'll be back again....Lay of the Sunflower...had us taking a breath and remind us that this to is built to last..."I will not return in winter If I be not back by fall Seek me when this small sunflower Grows above the garden wall..."...the engine is good and hot...the energy is begging to peek..and if there was some dought left in your heart the huge bigger than life monstrous SHAKEDOWN was gonna let ya know...."Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart.....when I can HEAR it BEAT out loud"......the bus is running and Phil's at the WHEEL....and you cant slow it down..small wheel turn by the fire and rod..big wheel turn by the grace of God..and we where covering new ground....how much better can it get I ask..Phil answered with way don't we tell em how you met your love..cause sometimes IT does turn out the way it does in the song...and EVERYBODY was playing in the heart of GOLD band once again.......Emotions are high the lights are ON we know the SUN is shining in your back door...I know your gonna miss me too when I gone...as we close the show hugs all around the magic's back in the air and every where we go everyone's doing that RAG!.

What a great evening...It was soooo good to see all the Tri-dead that made...Phil brought us the music...but you guys bring the magic.......

Now some side notes-)..I had this Mardi gars King next to me asking me if I had some Lithuanian in me???...now whets that all about I ask...are ya yakking my chain...he say no no and gives me some beads..you just may want to check it out he say....mmmmm...well ABB is coming out and I have a sis stop me and SAY hey I know you..Im like GOOD, well turns out that she had met this guy earlier today name is Anthony..and where is he from you ask????....that's right kids Lithuania....I Give Up-)...well being the international ambassador that I am we got him good and high before we sent him on his way with telling him to remember to shoot for BEER and not for DEER....what a long strange trip it IS indeed....

Now after a quick Kidnapping of Mike T...and a very fun night of laughing at the moon we are off to Charlotte....we they be able to TOP it off ERIC ask....not to worry my friend cause its SATURDAY night.....and PHIL'S IN TOWN

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Jam> Dear Mr. Fantasy> Jam>
Brown Eyed Women
Unbroken Chain> Jam>
She Said>
Stella Blue
St. Stephen>
The Eleven>
St. Stephen>
Inspiration Terrapin Jam
Golden Road
E: Patchwork Quilt>
Blue Sky

Ten years ago as I walked into Charlotte coliseum I "got" puddle...maybe you had to much to fast.....yep I sure did not by choice but that's another tale....I do recall being somewhat green as this was my 3rd or so show and all I wanted to see was a MR. Fantasy...not realizing it was a Brent tune....as I look up and saw Phil come out in his RED shirt..I knew he was out to take care of business...after the JAM he seem to say I remember too D...I was there too...I am here now...."please don't be sad to take up the straight life you had...we wouldn't have know you all these years"....now that's that was under are belts it was time to pass the whiskey around take a good drink cause the "the bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean"..we ran down to our 5 row rob side seats and proceeded to plow the fields around....with our hearts out on a weeping willow Phil saw that the chain was out and reminded us that it is still unbroken...."they're telling me forgiveness is the KEY to every door".....the place was chopping at the bit..and warren eased us down into the blue river...1st with a She said "She said I know what it's like to be dead I know what it is to be sad And she's making me feel like I've never been born.......She said You don't understand what I said I said, no, no, no, you're wrong
When I was a boy Everything was right Everything was right........"and it was time to make it RIGHT Again....."In the end there's still that song Comes crying like the wind Down every lonely street That's ever been Stella Blue Stella Blue I've stayed in every blue light cheap hotel Can't win for trying Dust off those rusty strings just one more time Gonna make them shine......." and SHINE WE DID!!!!...Eric had mention earlier " Hey D when they go into St. Stephen lets go up on the lawn and smoke a joint"...I was like sure dude sure....well much to my Surprise the BAND had slipped him the SETLIST...cause here came Saint Stephen BIG AND TALL with ROSE and all.....so I follow my newly sealed deadhead buddy up to the lawn where we get good and settle in for the ride of our life's.........the Eleven had us headed towards the moon as it was out in FULL right over stage left as it was there in time for the show...."Eight track whispering hallelujah hatrack Seven faced marble eyed transitory dream doll Six proud walkers on the jingle bell rainbow Five men writing with fingers of gold Four men tracking down the great white sperm whale Three girls waiting in a foreign dominion Riding in the whalebelly Fade away in moonlight Sink beneath the waters to the coral sands below"...........back into Senor Stephen roiling and rocking with out missing a beat...."Fortune comes a-crawling, Calliope woman Spinning that curious sense of your own Can you answer? Yes I can But what would be the answer to the answer man?"........the answer my friends was a sweet Spanish jam that led into one of the most unbelievable Masterpieces ever painted on the lawn....the INSPIRATION Jams was really out of this world..."Oh, from the north-west corner Of a brand new crescent moon Where crickets and cicadas sing A rare and different tune Terrapin Station In the shadow of the moon Terrapin Station And I know we'll be there soon"...........soon indeed., It was like the boys had raised the main mast, riding on the cosmic waves I could almost pull back on the sail catching the solar flares feeling the blue ball skipping through space...after hurling through space with some extended jamming its time to head back home....Golden road led the way back...."Well, everybody's dancing in a ring around the sun Nobody's finished, we isn't even begun So take off your shoes, child
And take off your hat Try on your wings And find out where it's at"........

The encores never rang so true the patchwork quilt was my 1st bringing us hope in the face of drakens......."But there's a banjo moon in a tie-dyed sky Hippies dance and babies cry Churchbells ring as a silver-haired angel look down And the blood of his music runs through the veins of our guitars Bright lights, Dark Star..."....yes we are Grateful yes We are ALIVE!!!....Blue Sky was the way to ease us on out into the the Carolina nights...."Good old Sunday morning Bells are ringing everywhere Goin to Carolina It won't be long till I'll be there......." wont be long at ALL boys I got my WINGS on how about you....SEE YALL in The FALL....THANK YOU PHIL...WE love you more than words can ever tell.........

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Whoa, holy shit, was that Charlotte show kicking or what? I attended the Raleigh show the night before but didn't get there till Cumberland but it was still enjoyable even if Phil opened for the Brothers. There was a smoking Shakedown and Scarlet and it was a treat to hear Doin' That Rag sung by Rob, but the show definitely didn't have the fill that the Charlotte show had.

So I arrived down there and found my "candy" for the show. Next I got in line and of course security was checking everyone, even adults. We had to wait for like 20 minutes to get in in the hot sun. Once I got inside I had to wait in a slow line for a $3.50 bottle of water. But then the Brothers got done with their show. Will they ever play more than their Greatest Hits? There are still the prerequisite high school crowd that always seem to attend ABB shows.

So Phil comes on and he kicks it. The whole show just blew me away. I wish he was doing 2 sets, but what can I do about that. Everyone at the show was real cool and relaxed. There were a few cops but they didn't seem to care what people were doing, though I did see security chase one boy down for some reason or another.

The highlight of the show for me was getting to hear Unbroken Chain for the first time. This was the song that got me into the Dead and Phil was singing loud and he played the song all the way through. After She Said, She Said the crown went nuts when the opening chords of St. Stephen kicked in. Everyone was dancing and singing along with the song and then they broke into The Eleven and for a moment I thought they might break into Dark Star but they never did. They St. Stephen reprise was kicking Terrapin was just KICKIN'. It was sped up and now slow like the Dead versions and it was wonderful. Everyone was having a good ol' time now. Then Golden Road (a first for me also) was just awesome.

Then Phil came out and did his spill about being a donor and was real careful about introducing everyone (see the Merriwether show). Warren did a great Patchwork Quilt and damn did Jimmy not tear up Blue Sky, by far my favourite ABB tune.

But the best part of the night for me was my lucky opportunity to go backstage. My friend Brooke and I didn't know what to do. At first we weren't even in the right place. We walked in and Rob was already back there hanging out so I went and got a Corona and sat down. Then Warren came and and was talking to some people and signing some autographs and then PHIL came out. Oh my GOD I thought. I never in my life thought I would be that close to him or any member of the Dead. He got swarmed by people and couldn't come in and relax which I thought was a shame. I was giving him some space but most people weren't. All I wanted to do was shake his hand, because what else could I do. I mean, damn. It was Phil and a handshake was all anyone of us really need. How do you tell greatness thanks? But Phil didn't stay out long because of everyone being all over him and he left without my handshake. So Jimmy comes and out talks to people and I just start staring at him and he looks at me, which was damn cool I thought. I didn't see John back there but he must have been. But we had a friend outside waiting on us so we left. But wow what a night.