7-8-02 Pittsburgh PA Heads Up!

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Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Sampson (Delilah) ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 - 12:27 pm: Edit Post

Hey Now!! Just wanted to pass forth an experience I had this past wednesday at the Ic Light Ampitheater in Pittsburgh Pa. As We all know Phil will be in Pittsburgh at this venue On Monday July 8th which is next week...I fear that this message wont get out quickly enough to the people on tour seeing as they will probably be driving directly from the Vibes to Pittsburgh for the Monday show... Any way the scene at this venue has really made a turn for the worst as we arrived to see Moe. and les Claypool the other night things just didn't seem right we pulled right in the lot like we always do (after payin $7 to park mind you)there was one rent a cop roming the lots and at the gate i noticed a sign no open alcoholic beverages and No Tailgating It was never like this B4????/So I'm confused and figure oh what a joke...Anyway we get our car parked and I casually put a beer into a Nalgene water bottle all while sitting on my tai;lgate and enjoying the Sunshine. We were at this venue less then a month ago and it was a mad cap party for Trey no heat and no hassle roaming the lot with an open beer... So as the minutes roll on more and moe people begin to arrive and suddenly a Pittsburgh city cop is roaming the lot telling evryone to either go inside the venue and buy $7 beers or go down the road to the little mall and have $7 beers at the hard rock cafe or houlihans but you can not hang out in the parking lot by your vehicles and you certainly cannot enjoy a cold beer by your vehicle even if you are of age??????/WTF this really thru me Off...She even went as far as to say that she would be writing down the license plate numbers of people obviously tailgating and if they returned to the car to try to re open up shop they would be towed no questions asked???? WTF----Now I'm really confused I have been going to shows at this venue for over 10 yrs and never had a hassle so I need more info...Mind you I havent been hassled once for my beer in nalgene bottle by security Police or otherwise so we go upto willcall beers in hand present our licenses right infront of two officers beer in hand and get our tickets...I then turn to my wife and say we will finish these on the way out of the lot and then got to a bar fora while what a load of crap I got a whole case on ice in the car but dont really want to get into it with The man sometimes just easier to move on...Now remeber not on person has said pour that out Police or otherwise upto this point...I'm a 28 year old maleclean cut but I did have that infamous Tie dyed shirt on... So as we continue to walk along her comes another Pittsburgh city cop right at us I hadnot seen this guy yet he walks right up to us and says whats in there???I said and Icy cold beer and he rudely turns to my wife and says pour that out!!!In shock my wife responds and she is fiesty " iTs not like you told me 10 times to pour it out and Not one other law inforcement official has told me to do that Why do you have to be so rude!!" just like that and he WAS rude and she pretty much told him how she felt so of course he turns into Macho city cop let me see your Id MIss My wife is 27 No worries but now I can seee that she is really getting fired up pulls the id out and continues to tell him how she feels and doesn't appreciate being treated like a child and someone that is breaking the law??? Anyway b4 she got into any real trouble I stepped in he returned her license and I lost about 8 dollars worth of sierra Nevada) But i still needed information from this crime stopper why has my once pleasnt scene turned into a gestapo esque malay??? He went onto inform me that the venue that grounds its held at and the parking Lot itself have 3 different owners? If I 'm posting on this thread we already know Clear Channel is the promoter The owner of the property is Station Square and a company out of Ohio owns the parking lot..Mr crime stopper was actually very friendly after I got to know him and killed him with kindness..He went on to tell me that this has always been the law in Pgh but it was never enforced and I said sir but my container wasn't open it ws secured shut and I was merely transporting my alcohol he wasn';t buying that he said If Ican see it I can make you through it out oh well guess its my fault now anyway he went on to tell me that all shows at this venue will have alarge police presence and there will be NO NO Tailgating period these cops are off duty and getting paid about $250 to walk around and tell people to beat it...What a load of Crap he then goes on to teel me that next week for Phil the Main Lot won even open till 4:45 and it will be the same deal, now things did get a litlle lose as the day went on but up until probably about 7-7:30 they were shaking evreybody down...I plan to park in the first parking garage closest to the venue and go to the top floor in the sun and see if I can get away from the crap another option is a parking lot acroos the road from station square near the rairoad tracks I think a diferent company owns that lot and they seem to be cool with people occupying the space they just rented for $7...Just a little FYi for those on there way to the steel city if you want to tailgate dont park in tha main lot closest to the venue you will be hassled See you all mOnday Peace and Love>>>>>>>

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Yikes! It definently was not like that for Trey. Half the fun of a Phil show is tailgating. Was there any trouble getting illegal substances into the venue. I know at Trey people were screaming "nuggets" "opium" and "shrooms" at the top of their lungs. What was it like after the show. I chilled at Trey till about 4 o clock.

Later Brother

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hey peeps, phil in the burgh is finally here. make sure you drink your water today. its gonna be 92 and its pretty muggy so be prepared for a hot one....on a side note, 12 years ago today the dead played right across the river from ic light amphitheatre at three rivers stadium. the show now known as view from the vault! cheers all ~ have a good time tonight!

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I need to know. Did Phil play one set or two. I am seeing them tonight in Toronto and want to know what I am in for before going in. They had played all one set shows on the second leg of the tour until the Gathering of the Vibes. I am wondering if they have continued with 2 sets since Warren is not playing with multiple bands in these shows or if the Vibes was an anomaly in the tour.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By damon willison (Verve13) ( on Tuesday, July 09, 2002 - 09:11 am: Edit Post

keith, first off yes phil is playing two sets now and damn they are two fine sets. have a good time in toronto! well folks, there was magin in the air last night and think the boys defenitly felt it. nice opening jam had a shakedown tease and i could feel a here comes sunshine coming. nice version here, a prelude to the sun that would set its way down over the tent right into robs eyes. i never saw the smile leaves robs face last night. the scarlet i've been waiting for, thanks phil! this really got the crowd moving. ic light was a cool place for a phil show, general admission 5000 max. thanks to the guy who bought me the ale for letting him hop in line too. beautifully broken was good warrens first turn to shine. dire wolf was short but tight and a nice treat. wharf rat caught me by surprise, i always love hearing this one, warren really shined. got a cold rain again from last weeks cuyahoga falls show. nice way to end the set. oh, for those of you going to toronto try to catch soulive, these guys are great. really fun to get down to. jimmy was watching from behind the stage and really diggin it, had a huge smile on his face checking em out. second set.....what an amazing set, the song selection is amazing but they played it even better. the crowd was really into this show, perhaps adding fuel to the boys fire. watchtower, the real thing, dancin were all smokin. hard to handle was really stretched out with jimmy and warren going back and forth and all over too. then to one of my three highlights of the night...M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I-J-I-M-M-Y!!! i really wasn't expecting this, but it was great, jimmy just blew me away on this song. the smiles he was beaming up to rob made me feel great. another cuyahoga repeat with gdtrfb>angel band but i would never pass up hearing these tunes. the boys shined vocally tonight and angel band lifted me off the ground again. nice cosmic charlie to end the set. crowd went crazy again for phil to come out and wouldn't stop cheering when he was ready to rap. another off guard catch with sittin on top of the world. nice straight ahead version. after the song you could tell the boys had something else to offer and bam....we bid you goodnight to finish off the instrumental played earlier with gdtrfb. the boys shined shined shined on this. perfect harmony with the crowd adding background. i still can't get over the fact that phil tops himself every time i see him. jill, thanks for getting the shirt to me and it was great meeting you and ron. see you in buffalo! thanks phil and friends! cheers~

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Just read the review on last night's Pitts. show -sounds outstanding. Saw them last week at Blossom and was blown away.What a band!

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"He doesn't have a beautiful voice, but it's a familiar old Dead voice that brings extra authenticity to the project. When they all sang together, the harmonies were as stunning as the jams."..Phil reminds me of that guy that played bass for the Grateful Dead......

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honestly folks not to step on anyones toes.... this was my 17th phil show... i think anyways... since 8/99 and well it was very dissapointing... wharf rat was terribly done.... so slow and off key... and well 1/2 step was a dissaster.... the only highlight of the show for me was the vocal harmonies in bid you good night ..... this is just my opinion and thats all... i don't think i'll pay to see another phil show and i'm glad i was kicked a ticket for this one... and whats with seeing a phil show and not hearing a single phil tune ??? terrible show in my opinion but if they come back to town i'll still go to chill cause i love the lot even though that is kinda shady now .. but it always has been... musically though this show was boring.. i didn't saw wow even once....... yuck !!!

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By GR8FULDAD (Binlajolla) ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 - 04:49 pm: Edit Post

Will go or Won't go to another PLQ SHOW??
Been to any Ratdog shows lately??
I prefer the energy of the show..cruise thru lot...be there for opening...

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By SIhead (Sihead) ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 - 08:36 pm: Edit Post

Hey Sampson-

Do you know Paula W.? Goes by "Pea" and hangs out at Thirsty's?

Just curious,


Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Sampson (Delilah) ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 09:43 am: Edit Post

I do believe I know the young lady I hang at Thirstys a bit but not much lately with my newly aquired debt!!! Most of the Pittsburgh Heads hang there quite abit although I cant really put a name with a face I'm sure we have crossed paths more then once.. Didn't you know Pittsburgh is the smallest Big city in the USA and everyone knows each other it is truly astounding!!

Be Well,

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I hear ya on the name with a face deal. She's short, long straight hair, a little spacy-gee, I think I just described 90% of the ladies on tour!!

Ain't it funny how that mortgage payment will change the financial priorities right quick!?!?



Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Sampson (Delilah) ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 04:10 pm: Edit Post

I gots more stress then I can handle my brother and no Phil shows in sight but hopefully my mailorder for Alpine will show up tommorrow..

Be well,

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Sideshow Bob (Drkstrjry) ( on Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 08:01 pm: Edit Post

Many moons after the show, but I do want to say this was a special show in that it was good without any of the "big" songs (Viola, Dark Star, Other One, etc.). Those shows are always special and few/far between (St Louis 11/9, Vermont 11/17 come to mind). Also, the venue was in a really cool place. You could go to the back and see the whole 3 rivers juncture, the city skyline, the bridges, barges and tourist boats on the river, and the trains going by (carrying toxic chemicals!). Cool! The bridge to the east is the last bowstring arch bridge in the U.S., a historical treasure. The show featured several songs that would end up being tour rarities (Beautifully Broken, Watchtower, 1/2 Step, Dancin, etc.). Also the only Sittin on Top I would get to see. Length was good too, about 175' of music. Hard 2 Handle had 3 verses! The jam before 1/2 step was long and teased a million songs I don't like (loose lucy, 10 c jed, R&R Blues, KC Jones, etc.), but ended up in 1/2 step - great choice! Interesting to see this in the "heart" of the 2nd set - also "across the lazy river" - well, those rivers DO eventually go to the Miss.! And I have not heard much of this on tape yet, either! I lived near Pittsburgh in the late '70's/early '80's (saw all the Stanley Th. shows), and never would have imagined a venue in this location - used to be steel mills, RR yards, coal piles waiting for barges. Oh, here's wishing for a quick rescue of those 9 trapped miners! Not a job for the feint of heart!

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i just got back from a healthy portion of phil tour and am just now checking up on what everyone had to say about the shows. while this show was not my favorite that i saw this summer, (probably not even top five) it was still a great time and there were some wonderful musical moments to boot. this was a hometown show for me so maybe i'm biased but i thought that the half step was truly awesome. with phil changing the order of the choruses to mess with the crowd singing along and the second set placement, this was one of my favorite phil half steps i've ever heard. the crowd itself was a force to be reckoned with, maybe it is a good thing that they put that horrendous tent over the venue or else we may have knocked down a building or two with the roars and cheers coming from that place! i think any pittsburgher would agree that phil played a better show at aj palumbo last spring, but if you don't have a good time at this show... you just didn't poke around!