7-14-05 Phil & Ryan Adams Surprise - Dulcinea's - Denver, CO

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Sounds like it was a spur of the moment session. Jammed 'til 3am!!!!!!!

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Posted by: mstrpce420 (67.172.142.---)
Date: July 15, 2005 02:57PM

Phil played at Dulcinea's last night! Went to Sanchos and Phil and Ryan Adams were there playing pool...then they played a small set (hour or so) next door at Dulcinea's. Don't remember the setlist, but they opened with He's Gone, Not Fade Away, and also played Stella Blue, Franklins, Wharf Rat, Shakedown...

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from the too board...


Once upon a time . . this is how stories start in fairy tales, but there is no once upon a time any more, hopes and dreams are dashed at every moment. . . life truely does has some cruel twist and turns, my father died when I was 26, my mother died from complications of Parkinson's just this year. My family grew up on welfare and I am sure that our house would have been condemned if anyone would have found there way into our yard. My mom died this year on Easter and I always knew that she would do anything in her power to make me happy and I saw it as a sign that we confirmed a show with Phil Lesh's Back-up band, The Dragonflies, on the actual date of her birthday-July 14th, Bastille Day. I said to myself, mom made this happen, but even as I said it I got word from the booking agentthat Clear Channel had a problem with the conflict of the date and moved the show to the Fox Theater. I was relatively despondant, but took it in stride. The Dragonflies said they would make it up to me and I knew they would, but it did not take the sting out of my dashed hopes.

Two days ago someone asked if Phil Lesh would ever walk into Sancho's Broken Arrow. . . I had begun to give up hopes of this after a long string of diappointments and said without any hesitation, no, I do not think so. My mom who tried valiantly to deliver Phil to Cervantes' was trumped by Clear channel and I had given up hope. But my mom's spirit and Jerry's spirit were not to be deterred. The power went off on the Fillmore like it did on Jerry's Birthday show with Dark Star Orchestra many year's ago--I felt a little despondant back then also. The Fillmore was powerless and Ryan Adams and Phil Lesh needed to do something to keep up their spirits, so they took a little stroll to the Grateful Dead bar that could to play a couple of games of pool.

A couple of games of pool which brought tears to my eyes, my mom was up in heaven with Jerry Garcia and Scott larned working her magic to mkake her boys happy.

But that is not all, Ryan and Phil decided to become demonstrate their true prankster spirit and up the ante. They decide to play a show, so after a couple of decisions and revisions of those deciosions we figured that We should move the party to Dulcinea's and the rest as we say is history because every now and then there really is a once upon a time. . .

Once upon a time Phil Lesh and Ryan Adams came into Dulcinea's 100th Monkey and played a free show that made everything exactly perfect on July 14th, 2005

He's Gone, Not Fade Away, Wharf Rat, Franklin's Tower
Encore: Ripple, Friend of the Devil, Stella Blue, Shakedown Street

Jay M. Bianchi
Quixote's True Blue
Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
2637 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80205

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Right on Jay... Thanks for sharing that!

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Good news! The DVD of Phil and Ryan at Dulcinea's is ready to go. We're giving away 50 free copies at Quixote's (Jay's place on 26th and Welton) this Thursday, July 21st. The On Cue Live! show starts at 8 PM--for those in the Denver area this is a showcase from members of the United Dope Front. For more information about the evening, check out cuezonerecords.com. If you want to reserve your free copy to pick up at the show, please email me at craig@cuezonerecords.com.


Craig Gilbert