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posted this in OS but thought some of you here might be interested.

damn that was fun!

robin was tired yesterday so we hung around the house and chilled until later in the day

while i wanted to head in early i kept my mouth shut and baked out on the couch because she had a ROUGH week

we drove up and hit ZERO traffic, even the lincoln tunnel only had a 5 minute delay

we breezed in, put the car in a lot and wandered around 9th avenue

we had dinner in Old San Juan and it was excellent!!!

kinda felt like when I used to spend a holiday at my friends house who was puerto rican and his grandmother would cook

started with empanadas and then i had the seafood paella and robin had the shrimp gumbo
we polished off a pitcher of sangria and left stuffed to the gills
best part the bill was only 85 bucks WITH TIP
good spanish music playing in the background, nice and casual and the food was really good
great place to hit before a show, we were pleasantly suprised

we walked up to carnegie hall, grabbed out tix at will call and headed in about 30 mins early
grabbed a quick drink and then hit the seats
wow! what a venue!!!

zankel hall is the small room, tucked away deep in the basement of carnegie hall
the place is absolutely beautiful with slatted light wood all around
behind the stage and all along the walls of both the orchestra and balconies
at the back of the stage they have some baffles hungs
the resulting acoustics are nothing short of phenomenal and with 600 seats it is such a perfect place to see music it takes your breath away

Jorma and Barry were obviously psyched to be playing there and both had on sports jackets

as usual Jorma & Barry told stories and cracked jokes and interacted with the audience throughout the show

Jorma told of playing there with Hot Tuna and being asked NOT to return because they played so loud it knocked plaster off the walls and there were other assorted "behavioral problems"

he also mentioned the american beauty show before breaking into operator, and yeah it was PHENOMENAL

the music was played to perfection and the setlist was great. 2 hours of straight playing with no intermission. dont know if i ever have been in a better sounding place in my life. ill be keeping an eye out for the venue, its that impressive. amazing they keep tix pricing so reasonable, ya have to love that

it was a perfect little respite from a hectic week and felt good to get away from everything and enjoy manhattan. the music was exceptional and set the soul at ease. we were smiling from ear to ear when we laid our heads in the pillow last night.

I'll never tire of seeing you guys!!!

here's what jorma has to say: est

Saturday, May 12, 2007 - Sunday, May 13, 2007 0002 New York City

A sold out show at Carnegie Hall for Barry and myself. A big article about us in Playbill. I'm going to put a copy next to mhy granmother Vera's ashes in my red barn. Now it is true that Zankel Hall is not the big room, but it does hold six hundred people and every seat was filled. As I told Barry tonight, it was an honor for me to play The Hall, and it was an honor to play it with him. We had a great night! Here is our set list:

Jorma Kaukonen & Barry Mitterhoff 34, 2007
Zankel Hall
Carnegie Hall
New York City
Saturday, May 12, 2007

1. Blue Railroad Train
2. New Song For The Morning
3. There’s A Table Sitting Heaven
4. I See The Light
5. Heart Temporary
6. I’ll Let You Know Before I Leave
7. More Than My Old Guitar
8. Operator
9. Fur Peace Rag
10. Sea Child
11. Living In The Moment
12. Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?
13. Come Back Baby
14. Late Breaking News
15. Hesitation Blues
16. The Preacher Picked The Guitar
17. 9 Pound Hammer
18. Encore 1: Genesis
19. Encore 2: Just Because

When we left the building to come back downtown to the hotel, the streets were packed with Saturday night revelers and it was raining. The pavement glistened with the reflections of the lights and the sounds of laughter were everywhere in spite of the weather. As we headed down what used to be the West Side Highway, a fireworks display erupted from lower Manhattan and the sound of the mortar launchers filled the night air. What a night!

I love this city!

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I call it "San Francisco East..."

Thanks for reviewing show Lites and Jorma...

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Nice read, Lites! Sounds like a great time had by all parties.