Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Kingston, NY 5/16/07

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UPAC Theater

Goodnite Rose
Everybody Knows
Starlite Diner (1st time live)
The Sun Also Sets
Carolina Rain (1st time live)
OMG Whatever Etc...
How To Grow Old (1st time live)
Pearls On A String (1st time live)
Blue Sky Blues
Halloween Head
Tears Of Gold
Goodnite Hollywood Blvd
Down In A Hole (1st time live...Alice In Chains)


How Do You Keep Love Alive
Magnolia Mountain

Ryan Adams - vocals
Neal Casal - acoustic guitar, vocals
Chris Feinstein - bass
Jon Graboff - pedal steel
Brad Pemberton - drums
Jamie ? - piano

very cool and interesting show

no guitar from ryan, as he has an injured right wrist / hand

acoustic set-up, with the band close together and interacting nicely, pedal steel and bass were electric, of course

solid, solid performance, this is a band in the truest sense of the word

since many people tend to fixate on ryan's behavior, last night was focused and tight, with minimal reaction to crowd outbursts, of which there were a few...why do these idiots go to these shows?

ryan wore a hoody and shades, very strange look, but animated and grooving to the music, entire band seated on stools..lots of "dj reggie" posturing to the band from ryan at the conclusion of songs, you could tell he was very pleased

sound was very good to excellent, musicianship was excellent, vocals were superb

tight run through, minimal pauses between songs, one amusing false start to a song that was abandoned, "it sucks anyway"

very "reckoning" feel to the set-up and perfomance, without being derivative or merey copying the dead

great art-deco theater, ice cold reasonably priced beers (can't bring them to the seats, though)...theater was also ice cold, however...ease up on that air conditioning!

phil could play this venue, perfect size, with parking available and easy access from thruway

miss this band at your peril, don't believe the hype...the bad hype, that is!

from an earlier post I made on another site:

Re: Kingston 5/16/07 Review - 2 Minutes Ago
nice show, solid performance from the entire band

great sound in center loge row 3, initially a little too much treble for my liking, but clear separation of all instruments and vocals, I think the town hall shows had slightly better sound

"you suck, ryan!"

the guy who yelled this (right after blue sky?) passed directly behind me on his way out...appeared to be in his 40's, button down shirt tucked in, wife / girlfriend in tow...for the life of me, can't understand this at all...perhaps I could understand the opposite, if ryan and the the cardinals had turned in a full sonic youth style speaker melt down set, but this was really puzzling...don't people listen to the records before they attend concerts? or know anything about the artists?

this set off a massive round of mayhem, mainly directed at this guy as he left the theater, which culminated in the screaming of "go yankees!", which appeared to make the band look up and go "huh?"...but if wolfhunter or the band is reading this, it was all directed at this guy, and not at the band...strange, regardless!

as mentioned, magnolia mountain had an extended breakdown, parts of which were were jazzy and call-and-response between the band, one of the closing riffs even had a reggae-ish lilt to it...also very grateful dead birdsong reckoning vibe...

definitely a top show and glad I made the drive

would like to have had a bit more key lighting (the atmospheric stage lighting was dramatic) if only to see the a bit of the musicianship that was on display but hidden in the shadows

I did miss Ryan's guitar playing, which takes nothing away from this particular performance, I just like the interplay between him and neal, and with ryan on guitar, you have more chance of extended passages and free form moments

got home after midnight and had to play the 12 string a bit, very inspiring

btw, fairly certain neal was hanging out front by the grocery store around 7:00 PM, people either did not recognize him or were cool enough to let him do his thing, he was talking with two girls I later saw inside the theater


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excellent, hope he comes this way!

And if you haven't, check out Neal Casal's solo work. I've been into his stuff since the early 90s with Fade Away Diamond Time. Very tasty country-rock with a So-Cal feel, a la Jackson Browne and Neil, and a great voice

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The music was good, but I believe my 8th grade Christmas concert was longer. Show ended before 9:30pm

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from skifurther on RAA, who also posts here under another name, I think...







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Nice review!