David Nelson & Friends 06/01/07

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David Nelson & Friends, 06/01/07
Mexicali Blues Café, Teaneck, NJ

Night two, here we go. Actually it took me a while to get going. Back to back shows seem to get harder as I get older, oh well, still got to give it a good shot. Cruised down with no traffic/problems once again and went right in to the show. Barry Sless was sitting at his pedal steel tuning up. Head to the bar in the back and grab a Guinness. Let me tell you that this beer was one of the tastiest beers I have ever had. Amazing how a beer can bring you back around, allowing the groove to come back to the body that was earlier in a bit of pain. Thanks Guinness for all that you do!

Just a few minutes later the Zen Tricksters come out. I have never seen these guys play and was impressed. They got two guitars, bass, and drums. Tonight Mookie Siegel sat in, playing keys, on all but one song when Pete Sears took over. Barry Sless played pedal steel with them on about half of the songs, and David Nelson sat in on one song. The beginning of the show was with acoustic guitars – maybe the first four songs or so and then they switched to electric.

Here is what I can remember:
Deep Elem ^ *, Dire Wolf ^ *, Ten Years? ^ *, Good Shepherd ^ *, So Hard ^, ????, ???? * &, Duncan and Brady ^ * %, ???? ^>The Other One ^, Voodoo? ^

^ Mookie Siegel on keys, * Barry Sless on pedal steel, & Pete Sears on piano, % Pete Sears on keys

Not many folks in the house for the Zen Tricksters, but the folks there seemed to be having a good time. John Molo was out on the floor dancing a little bit checking these guys out. He was getting Barry and Mookie to laugh about something. Duncan and Brady with Nelson was great. He alternated verses with Jeff Mattson. The Other One they did was also great, getting to hear that song after a long while was a treat. All in all some good tunes to get the night going. I will have to check these guys out again.

As show time for the DN&F draws near I realize that the house will be a little less full tonight compared to last night. Oh well, more room to dance. I just hope that there was enough folks at the shows to make it worth it to come back east again. I waited a while to see these guys, and don’t want to have to wait that long again. Why more folks don’t go see these guys (and the NRPS for that matter) I will never understand. But there is a lot I don’t understand…

I: Long Gone Sam, Sweet Melinda, Impressionist Two Step, Born A Dreamer, Different World, Earl's Girls

II: Aiko-Aiko, Garden Of Eden, The Last Time, Garden Of Eden, Any Naked Eye, (Nelson broke a string during Any Naked Eye and announced a short break so they could fix it. He left the stage along with Molo, but Mookie, Barry and Pete stayed on stage and they jammed Can't Find My Way Home and then a seperate Jam during which Nelson was back out and getting in tune), Love Medley

they may have played one more song first set but it isn't coming to me right now. I’m pretty sure second set is correct.

Another great show with lots of stretching out each song. Barry played stand up guitar the whole night with the exception of Garden Of Eden. Was really psyched to hear Any Naked Eye, most likely my favorite song right now. The jam inside of it got out there like it should. Not to sound all rose colored but I really enjoyed each song they did. Not too many bands out there that I can say that about. Usually with any band that have at least one song that isn’t a favorite, but with this band it’s all good brah! Heady in fact. Well, that’s enough for now. Got to get going.

Once again many thanks to the David Nelson and Friends for two nights of great fun. Really appreciated! Hope you all can make it back east sometime in the near future. I hope everyone has fun at the upcoming west coast shows. Rock N Roll!

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FYI, this was the ZT's set:

6/1/07 Mexicali Blues Cafe. Teaneck, NJ
Mookie Siegel (DJ&tT, Phil & Friends, David Nelson Band) played the whole set on keyboards
*w/ Barry Sless (Phil & Friends, David Nelson Band) - pedal steel
#w/ Pete Sears (Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship, Phil & Friends, David Nelson Band) - piano
%w/ David Nelson (New Riders of the Purple Sage, Phil & Friends, David Nelson Band) - guitar and vocal

Deep Elem Blues*, Dire Wolf*, Last Ten Years*> Jam*> Good Shepherd*
So Hard, Abandoned Love*, Fair to Even Odds*#, Duncan and Brady*%,
Warm Heart> Jam> The Other One> Hoodoo

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Last night was as good as it gets. The first set was not so much a ZT show as it was Jeff, Klyph, Tommy, Dave and Friends. Too many highlights to pick just one but if I was forced to, Abandoned Love may have been it. But Jeff and David trading verses on Duncan and Brady was quite special too. And the jam between Warm Heart and TOO was phenomenal. And then there was that Good Shepherd (w/Jeff appropriately donning his Jefferson Airplane shirt for the show). As I said, too many highlights to pick just one.

Oh yeah, and David Nelson and Friends? MAN DO THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!