Wilco 8/21/07 Marymoor Amphitheatre Redmond, WA

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Setlist courtesy of Lulu:

Sunken Treasure
You Are My Face
Handshake Drugs
Pot Kettle Black
War on War
Side With The Seeds
A Shot in the Arm
Impossible Germany
Sky Blue Sky
Too Far Apart
Via Chicago
Jesus, etc.
Hate It Here
I'm The Man Who Loves You
What Light
Airline to Heaven
Hesitating Beauty (w/Bill Frisell on elec. guitar)
California Stars (w/Bill Frisell on elec. guitar)
Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Here's my take on the night, copied from the Wilco thread in Other Stuff:

Thanks for posting that setlist for the show last night Lulu. I'm not too familiar with Wilco's songtitles, so it's nice to see what I heard last night.

I scored a $25 ticket and walked in during "Handshake Drugs" after downing a couple of beers in the lot. The parking at Marymoor is free and it's a nice venue, basically a big park in the midst of suburban housing. Baseball, softball and soccer matches were going on all around, but it was easy to hear where the music was coming from. The guy who sold me the ticket wanted $35, but I pointed out that I could sit on a picnic bench and hear it for free and said I'd give him $20, then settled on $25. It was well worth it, as the sound was good, the crowd attentive and enthusiastic and the half moon above the stage made for a nice setting. The band seemed to respond to all this with a heartfelt performance. Tweedy was a good frontman, exchanging pleasant and humorous banter with the crowd. One memorable exchange was when someone up front yelled out, "We just got married!" Tweedy said, "Really? Good luck with that. It's a long way to go." They then yelled out a song request and he said, "Okay, now you're going to learn one of the lessons you'll need. Patience. We'll get to that." Marymoor is basically a flat field with a couple of small ridges. People were camped out in picnic chairs and blankets, but there was still plenty of room to move around and I ended up in front of the board for most of the show.

I'd brought a sub in to munch and was just about to have at, when out of the corner of my eye I saw my ex-girlfriend Megan walking by. Hadn't seen her since she deserted on me exactly six months to the day before. Half a year, half moon, weird. I don't know if she saw me or not, but I had no desire to say hi, and just turned around to eat and check out the show. Warren Zevon's line "enjoy every sandwich" comes to mind.

Tweedy sounded in good voice and I liked his song structures, but instrumentally, Nels Cline is the star of this show. Between playing blistering lead guitar and some sweet lap steel, I could see how they had to cancel shows last week when he got the chicken pox. When Frisell came out for the encores, you could see Nels talking Bill through the chord changes. As I recall, it was just three guitars (Nels, Bill and Jeff) for those two songs, with the other guitarist playing keyboards, but I'm not sure. I do remember that whenenver Nels played the lap steel, the other guy got up from his keyboards to play guitar, but Nels was playing his electric guitar on all of the encores. During the last tune, Jeff tried to challenge the audience to match the synchronized clapping efforts of the Vancouver, Canada crowd they'd played to before. Guess Tweedy doesn't know "Seattle-cool" to well. The crowd's effort was half-hearted at best (although they were generous with their applause throughout) and I decided to beat the parking lot jam and was just past the fences as the last notes played into the night.

Driving back to Seattle I decided it was time to exorcise the demons of the past six months and headed to this bar called Serafina, where things had all began for Megan and me back in January. It's her neighborhood bar and I hadn't been there since our scene disintegrated. I spotted an empty chair at the bar and asked the woman sitting there if it was free and she told me to pull up a seat. An interesting couple of hours ensued involving more drinking, hearing stories of her Salvadoran upbringing and then her telling me to jump into her car for a somewhat scary ride back to her place. Somewhere in there, the cocktail waitress said to the bartender that there was "no one left outside except Megan." Don't know if it was the ex or not, but I kind of liked the thought that she saw me sitting at her bar chatting up someone new. It was pretty bizarro from there as we made out like teenagers in the car while she cranked some pretty extreme black metal. She's a nurse and apparently has some repression issues. I told her I didn't really feel like hanging out in her car all night and that she wasn't the only one who had work the next morning, and besides, I had to walk back to get my car. She did some classic passive aggressive moves when I took her to her door, playing that she didn't want me to come in but telegraphing that she really did. She was all right, but pretty toasted, so besides my Virginia gentleman side emerging, I remembered from the Megan experience that some things are better taken slow, and told her to drink plenty of water and get some rest. I've got her hotmail account, but I'm not sure a valley-girl, repressed black-metal head is what I'm interested in at the moment. Still all in all a pretty fun "long, long, crazy, crazy night"!

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Nice Review!

Aren't ya glad ya went?

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Now THAT'S a review!