Underworld, Warfield, 9/7/07

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Paul Oakenfold
September 7, 2007

Surprise Surprise!! Betcha didn't think this was me. Well, it is and I had such a great night! It's been a long time since I've done the electronic thing regularly, this show was a fun trip back to 1997 and the days when I saw these guys in the clubs of NYC.

Paul Oakenfold, never liked this guy, probably never will...he held true to my impressions of him, didn't like it one bit, the one sample I did recognize was Around the World, Daft Punk, which yeah, 1997, it was the one part of his set that I liked, but the sound remained true to 1997. Mostly I thought the sound was dated (and not in a nice nostalgia way, more an annoying shut up way) and too bassy. I was actually trying to come up with an excuse to leave early, trying to figure out how to break it to the friends that the show was sucking. Luckily Underworld pulled it out and I didn't have to make any excuses.

Underworld was great, much like I remembered them, the only track I could identify was the 'Trainspotting' song Born Slippy, it was an energetic highpoint of the evening. They also did Cowgirl>Rez which is noteworthy because the normal set would be Rez>Cowgirl. Eh, whatever. It was a lot of fun...danced my ass off! As far as being a nostalgia act, apparently that's not the case--according to others, who would know better than me, they gave the show rave reviews from an informed perspective.

The best part was the Warfield was way undersold! and the entire show was GA...which means downstairs was oppressively crowded--yuck! and upstairs was empty!! My group--5 of us--was able to score an entire row to ourselves, three rows behind the soundboard. There were maybe 8 other people behind us in the section...upstairs was a ghost town. I loved it! Lots of room for dancing!

The moral of the story is: Music is good! Don't limit yourself!

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Nice review, Emily! I was a fan of both Underworld and Paul Oakenfold in the late 90's too. I saw Oakenfold live one time back then and must admit I really enjoyed myself that night though I can imagine how his sound has dated itself at this point.