Wilco 9/13 Southaven,MS/Snowden Grove Amp.

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Shot In the Arm (Tweedy invited everyone up front, so it became a GA show real quick)
Side With Seeds
You Are My Face
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Pot Kettle Black
War On War
Shake It Off
Handshake Drugs
Impossible Germany
Sky Blue Sky
Far Apart
Jesus Etc.
Hate It Here
I'm the Man Who Loves You
On and On and On
Heavy Metal Drummer
Red Eyed and Blue
I've Got You
California Stars (Jody Stephens of Big Star/Golden Smog played tambourine)
Box Full of Letters (Jody Stehens played drums)
Late Greats
Via Chicago
Spiders (Kidsmoke) Jeff said we were much better at clapping than his hometown crowd last night.

Well, the show was great and the weather was hot and wet, good if you're with a woman, bad if you're in the jungle(thanks Robin Williams.) Humberto left everyone longing for dryer skies, but that really didn't damper too many spirits. The only bummer for me during the night was short lived. After showing the main entrance folks our tickets we headed directly to the lower section where we were asked again for our tickets. I showed the guy mine, and my wife couldn't find hers. She swore that I never gave it to her, and I was begging to differ. For a second there, about 150 Wilco fans were getting a ear full of me and my wife going at it...fortunately the guy taking tix couldn't give a rat's ass if she had one or not...but since I was a little tipsy from the pre-game drinks, it took about two songs before I could let go of the fact that I overreacted and acted a horse's ass over the whole deal...ok, to the show...

The mix was as muddy a the ground to start off with...While the low end was almost unpleasantly clear(Glen's bass drum almost sent me to the bathroom a couple of times,) Nels was virtually non existent in the mix. Even though they fixed that about 6 songs in, Nels never had the presence he needed throughout the whole show. For me the sequence of songs... War On War,Shake It Off, Handshake Drugs,Impossible Germany...
was enough to send me home happy if the skies would have decided to unleash its wrath on us, but we were not destined to that fate..honestly, the song selection left me wanting for nothing, really.

After I'm the Man Who Loves You...some rail rider told Tweedy that the music was subdued(sp?)Tweedy shot back with..."subdued??subdued??Well, I think you're a subspecies..." I figure the guy got off real easy. They ended the set with On an On and On. Ok...this song, i'm getting chills right now thinking about it, but it is so transcendental, so intimate already, but Tweedy just added to the magic by pointing to people when he sang the lyrics.."I will live in you or you will live in me..." and "...You and I will stay together yeah You and I will try to make it better yeah..." The thing is, it felt like Tweedy was so genuine, that it wasn't some act or pretentious bullshit. Sorry if I lose some folks here, but it was as if Tweedy was our momentary guru or pastor, or parent telling us that everything's gonna be ok...

This is getting long, so basically the rest of the night was just blissful. I'm showing my ignorance here but I didn't know who Jody Stephens was, but he is one solid f'n drummer. Speaking of drummers, Glenn Kotche is incredible...but there's really not a weak link in Wilco IMHO...the night ended with Via Chicago and Spiders...of which I had been desperately wanting to hear...both of these had some extremely psychedelic moments in them and they just flat out rocked....One more point...throughout the night I could hear familiar musical elements. Two come to mind, somewhere within the first 4 songs, I could hear The Grateful Dead's Blues for Allah, but I can't remember the song...and then during Walken...it hit me...Dixie Chicken by Little Feat...i guess it was the slide guitar parts. I'm not saying Wilco's music is derivative, but it is universal, cosmic...

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Best band goin'!