9/28/07 Free Peoples / The Iguanas GAMH

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Finally caught a Free Peoples show. I know lots of locals enjoy their music. Got to the Great American and they had already started. Pretty good but need a little more stage presentation. Small crowd at that point but many fans dancing on the floor. I look forward to seeing them again someday.

The Iguanas were the band I went to see. Caught them 4 years ago at a benefit and enjoyed what I heard. Finally another chance to see them again. They are quite popular in New Orleans, lots of Latin tones and lyrics in Spanish. Different, especially for NO music. Maybe that's because Rod Hodges, guitar and accordian, comes from Sebastopol. Must say I tend to enjoy music from Cal.

Simple band, bass, drums, one guitar most of the time and some horns. I enjoyed the brass sounds and hope to catch some of those guys again locally.

Just as good as I remembered the music, had me dancing and laughing. Met some nice folks, got a tour of downstairs at the GAMH after the show. Hung with the musicians, nice folks.