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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
Star Stage, Golden Gate Park
October 6, 2007

A very crowded afternoon in the park, I never even saw Keller because the crowd was so large, but I enjoyed his set none the less.

My notes are definitely not complete, I'm okay with it though. Towards the end of Keller's set Bela and Victor Wooten sat in, always a treat, and of course Keller sat in with Bela as well, so it was almost like a two set show...if only they could have skipped the set change and played straight through. These guys have done it many times on the Acoustic Planet Tour so I know they can do it, I guess they had to follow the rules though.

It was also the kick-off weekend of fleet week, so the Blue Angels were flying overhead during Keller's set, naturally he worked them into his set, along with all the other things he saw, during his 'free show in the park' rap. He's such a goof-ball, I have to love it!

As always Keller had a fun selection of covers, a nirvana song that I spaced the name on and a Butthole Surfers song which I haven't thought about since I was a freshman in college come to mind.

Keller's (partial) Set:
Freeker by the Speaker
Unknown Nirvana Song
People Watching (maybe this is where bela and victor joined in?)
Celebrate Your Youth
Novelty Song

and I have no idea about Bela's setlist...but it was good, You'll have to take my word for it!

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Hard to believe I didn't see you there amongst the tens of thousands of people. Had a pretty good spot just beyond the speaker tower about 50-60 yards from the stage (hard to believe that was the best spot available at 11:15) and we pretty much hung there all day. Ventured off with a few friends for a while, but never really "saw" anything else (actually missed Keller's set, as that's when we ventured off).

Bela's set was pretty damned good - I know they started off with Big Country (know the name from the music, but also saw the roadie walk out with the setlist before the set started) and then recognized most of the other tunes, but can't quite recall what they played. Think the last one may have been Earth Jam.

I made an aggressive beeline for the front of the stage to shoot some photos right as Keller's set was ending, and got a great spot right at the front and off to the side - some nice young fellas let me hang there (well, actually didn't leave until just about the end of the set). Will post some of these photos real soon.

That was certainly my high point of the day. Didn't make it back on Sunday, but I heard the crowds were actually a bit smaller. Great weather for the weekend too - should've made the trip up to the city on Sunday as well.

Didn't see you at the RRE show at 12 Galaxies on Sunday night either - d'you go?

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By 1st One's Named Sweeeeet Emily (Odessablue) on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 11:00 am: Edit Post

I was really surprised, the crowd was MUCH smaller on sunday, there was still plenty of room to put a blanket just halfway back when RRE came on late in the day.

Unfortunately, I missed the 12 G's show...had a ticket but ended up passing it along to someone else, my goose was cooked by the end of the fest :-)

Looking forward to seeing some of those pics!