TSOL and Psychosomatic 10/20/07 Sacramento

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Wow, what a great show last night! I haven't seen TSOL since high school, but this was no "reunion show", this was the real deal. Was at a small bar a bike ride from the house. Psychosomatic opened, they are on thrashcore records, and usually I don't like thrash, but this was awesome. Three piece, no voice effects, just slammin' stuff, with song names like "Bleeding Crack" but really tight rythms that make you want to jump and down and sideways and bob your head incredibly fast. YEAH! The second band was called the Mercy Killers and they pretty much sucked. TSOL was AWESOME. The only non-original guy is the drummer, since the original drummer died. They went back to the early 80's sound, with great shout alongs like "World War III", "Abolish the Government", "Code Blue" and "Property is Theft". The crowd was great, spinning and crashing counter clockwise and picking each other up, enough contact to be fun without it being a testosterone and sausage ass-fest. I think the band took a few hits, cause there was no stage or anything, but I think it was just that the crowd was excited. It was a great time, if TSOL comes your way and you are into that sort of thing, they are worth seeing.

Here's to good old fashioned punk rawk.