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New Riders Of The Purple Sage, 10/19/07, Donegal Saloon, Kearny, NJ

First night of the tour, hold on tight!
When I first saw this show announced I went to the Donegal website to see what the place was like. The first picture I saw on the site showed a Guinness sign on the wall. This place will work just fine!
I called the place about getting tickets and the person I spoke with said you had to get them at the venue. I explained to him that I live in CT and it would tough to drive down there just to tickets. He said he would put three tickets on hold as a favor. Thanks for that Kevin!
These days my favorite shows are when I get to go with both of my brothers. We get along great and have a good time, it gets no better.
Easy ride down, no problems.We got there early and went inside for a few beers and to check the place out. It was one long room with a stretched oval bar in the center in the room and then there was a small room at the back of the bar where the band was set up, soundboard in the corner, band set up on the floor, no stage. Nice and cozy. They explained that due to a fire in a neighboring building and visits from the fire marhsall they would have to keep the capacity at 125. This kept the place crowded but not packed. Room to walk around, dance, drink, whatever. One of the bartenders is a Phil Zoner Ė thanks for the drinks Jenny. You are your coworkers did an excellent job all night long. Ití nice to spend money in places where the employees care. I would go back to the Donegal again.

The musical portion of the evening started with Scarecrow. Buddy Cage played on a few songs with Scarecrow. Very nice.

And now the NRPS!
Guessing at setlist I wrote down when I got home. Many Guinness may prove the list to be messed up.

I Set: I Donít Know You, Casey Jones The Bold Engineer, Garden Of Eden, The Last Time, Garden Of Eden, Truck Driviní Man, Henry, Peggy-O, Louisiana Lady
II Set: Minglewood Blues, Contract, Rainbow, Whiskey, Death And Destruction, Crooked Judge, Panama Red, Any Naked Eye, Take A Letter Maria, * Ripple

I think I am missing a song or two and the order of the second set in probably off.
Truck Driviní Man was off the charts. The band climbed back aboard that old semi twice. There were many solos and Falzarano lead the crowd in sing a long towards the end. Excellent.
Peggy-O was sweetly sung as always. Nelson really delivers on this song. Louisiana Lady rocked the set to a close. I think it was Jojo that remarked how great a song this is to listen to while driving. He is right.
II Set Minglewood was the song I mentioned as wanting to hear on the drive down, so I was real happy when they played it. The twang in Nelsonís voice on this one is oh-so-good. My favorite of the set was Crooked Judge. What a great song. They donít play this one as often as others so itís always a treat to hear. Any Naked Eye stretched out real nice. Maybe Nelsonís greatest song. Take A Letter Maria rocked us around for a bit at the end of the night. Ripple was sweet as always.

Well, not much else to say. Go see this band if they are playing close by. I would be surprised if you didnít have a good time.
And good times is what it is all about!