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New Riders Of The Purple Sage, 10/20/07, FTC Stage One, Fairfield, CT

The NRPS renaissance began in October of 2005 and I got to see them in May of 2006 at the FTC in Fairfield CT for the first time. Tonight I returned to the same venue for another round of ass kicking by the New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Kick ass they did! David, Buddy, Michael, Ronnie and Johnny had it going just right all night long. What a band!

The FTC Stage One is a real nice place to hear music. The venue is a cinder block building, nothing fancy on the outside, but inside itís real nice and cozy. Three rows of seats surround the stage on three sides and then there is another six rows extending out. A quick look at the seating chart shows seats for 196 freaks, plus standing room for a dozen or so. I had a nice seat third row dead center but opted to dance on Buddyís side of the venue. I just canít see sitting down for a band like this. Standing/dancing afforded me a shorter walk to the bar! Best beer option for the night was Magic Hat #9. After a few #9ís the switch was made to Stoli and cranberry as I was a bit shot from the night before seeing the Riders in NJ with Guinness as my companion. The Vodka helped to ease the hangover. Perfect!

For the most part this place is a sit down affair, a few folks dancing on the sides as I was and a few at their seats. The crowd was mellow at the start but they loosened up as the night went on. A lot of folks that looked like they saw the band back in the early years and it was great seeing them get off on the music that is being played today.

Here is what they played.

I Set: Rocky Road Blues, Contract, You Angel You, I Don't Know You, Last Lonely Eagle, Henry, Portland Woman, Friend of the Devil, Louisiana Lady

II Set: Absolutely Sweet Marie, Diamond Joe, Sutter's Mill, Dirty Business, Runnin' Back To You, Groupie, Olivia Rose, Instant Armadillo Blues, Any Naked Eye, Panama Red,
*Rainy Day Women #12&#35, Ripple

Scarecrow and Little Toast did a great job with the sound. Sound Dawg is gone for a while, and these two held their own both nights just fine. Good job gents!
I just love it when they play Rocky Road Blues. This one was a good start. David Nelson was picking and bending right from the start. The whole band was on really. Last Lonely Eagle was a treat to hear. I could listen to that one every night. Portland Woman was also very good. They took their time with the jams, David singing it with great emotion. Well received by the crowd. As with last night they closed the set with Lousiana Lady. No complaints here.
The second setís highlight was the Dirty Business. I would think it must have been close to twenty minutes. Very intense stuff. Sound swirling all around. A standing ovation at the end. The one-two punch of Groupie with Johnny belting out the lyrics and Olivia Rose by Ronnie was another treat. I like each of their voices. I wish the two of them would take a stab on the Gram Parsons song Lazy Days. They could do it well. Instant Armadillo Blues, Any Naked Eye and Panama Red closed out the show in high style. Sweet!
Double encore and that was it. Once again the NRPS deliver.
Already looking forward to NYE with the NRPS!

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I was at that show and liked it very much. I brought a friend who is a long disconnected dead head and he had a good time too. The first half tuned him in and part two swept him away. We will be at the iron horse show in dec and look forward to a great time there.
Thanks for the post and hope to see you there. I will be handing out trinkets in honor of my favorite person who sees the west coast shows and like the stickers and magnets to go to as many as she can supply. Be well all.