Mickey Hart - Keswick Theatre 10.22.07

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Mickey Hart's Planet Drum
Keswick Theatre 10.22.07

It's been a while to post a review but it looks like no one else has....

Keswick was more than half/less than 3/4 full. We had row z or something so we mosey down for a closer look.

Mickey and Zakir Hussain come out first and play a couple of huge redwood burls. Probably harvested outta humboldt county somewhere. Then they migrate over to their stations: giovanni on left (timbales, congas, ect) mickey in the middle, zakir to the right (tablas) and ade'stage right (talking drum). They launch into their new album which is world beat with techno samples. Giovanni rips off some amazing runs on congas and plays like a madman. About midset Zakir "tunes" giovanni in true indian/eastern music fashion - counting out the beat in vocalizations with amazing call and response between the two muscians. They do the "I could tell you more" thing before taking a setbreak.

Second set we settle in and play more new album stuff, very moving and upbeat. The crowd has loosened up and is now having fun. The highlight of the set for me was the amazingly quiet tune in the middle - mickey starting out on beam, using baton and bow. Amazing meditative sound textures and now we're in the zone. He moves on to a tune that starts and ends on xylophone pyramid with giovanni jams in the middle and now we're getting psychedelic. The set closer brings all the players back for a drumming rave up. Encore finds micky and zakir on wooden xylophone sitting on the floor in front of the drumkit, and giovanni putting a clinic on how to play the beatbox.

All and all we had a great time, venue staff was pleasant, music was great, and mickey didnt try to sing fire on the mountain.

Oh yea, and on my way out I found $20 in the street. Golly, that hasn't happened in years. KACHING!

So this year we hit the philly head trifecta - ratdog, phil, and mickey.

So PEacEout from thE East coast

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that sounds like good stuff. wish I could have seen one of these shows.