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Del McCoury Band rocked the beatufiul Lebanaon Theater last night. Very nice small town in the middle of nowhere NH, the venue might have been in city hall? Anyway it was a beautiful place, maybe 1,500 cap with just about every seat sat in. A full theater is a great thing to see for a bluegrass band, especailly one as deserving as the Del Mccoury Band.

Crooked Still opened up, their 2nd to last show with cellist Russhad Eggleston. He was clad in shiny pink suit. They played their hits with mastery. Russhad especailly was pushing it to the limits with blazing heavy handed solos. The cello was thick! The vocalist sang beautifully too.

McCoury band came blazing out in kindness and appreciation. I loved hearing the loud large audience have to quiet down so much to give the bluegrass acoustics their proper due. What can I say about Del and the Boys aside from, they are the best at what they do! Tight as hell, it's almost a supernatural sight to see them so on top of it, with such solid timing and rythym. Lighting fast breaks and all the good melodic madness that comes with it. Damn they were hot! Del gave it up to his band members too by featuring them on many tunes. Ronnie sang a lot, and I love his voice. Sounds so much like Del ! My favorite part of the show was the encore My Love Will Not Change. Ronnie was playing this beautiful Mandola which he couldn't get in tune and they jammed the ending of this song, vamping with solos for at least 5 or 6 minutes. The song was probably 10 all together. Hows that for bluegrass. It was wild to hear a trad bluegrass band jam out. Great tune too. After the show was got to say hello to all the band members. They are some of the kindest people I've ever met. Each one willing to sit and talk with ya till ya got nothing more to talk about. Makes ya feel good.

After the show we drove out into the woods and gazed up at the stars for a while. I can't believe how many stars you can see when you leave the city. It was magical to say the least.

Here's a partial setlist

Hillcrest Drive
Nothin' Special
Back Up and Push
You Win Again
Baltimore Johnny
Nashville Cats
Body and Soul
High on a Mountain
It's Just the Night
Black Jack County Chains
Travelin' Teardrop Blues
All Aboard
Henry Walker
Working on a Building
The Promised Land
+ many more
My Love Will Not Change
Fire on the Mountain

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show is up for download

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^^if someone could make this available for us dial-uppers it would be most appreciated... I'd be happy to seed an audio vine if someone wants to B&P me the lossless files...