David Nelson & Friends, 11/16/07, Santa Rosa

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David Nelson & Friends
Last Day Saloon
Santa Rosa,CA

Set 1
Fable Of A Chosen
Two Soldiers *
Midnight Moonlight *
Oh Babe It Ainít No Lie *
Free Mexican Airforce *
Sweet Melinda *
Rag Mama Rag

Set 2
Wizard's Son
Ballad Of Casey Jones
Fair To Even Odds
Stella Blue
Different World
Cumberland Blues
E: Box Of Rain

*w/ Lorin Rowan

First, a few words about the opener, Rattlebox--they were very good, more rocking than the Rowan Brothers. The Eleanor Rigby was a real treat! If you confuse the Rowans like I do, this was the sober one!

As for Nelson & Friends...great show! Really great show!! This band does not disappoint! Lorin Rowan sat in for most of the first set, he switched from mando to guitar and back again with Pete on accordian and Barry on Pedal Steel. It was fun seeing Lorin play his older brother's tunes, midnight moonlight and sweet melinda are always welcome additions to any setlist! Lorin was a great guest, he fit in well, didn't hinder the jam at all. There was a little 'my favorite things' tease at the beginning of Sweet Melinda, anyone else catch that?

It's been said before, but I'll repeat it again, Pete Sears is an animal!! Rag Mama Rag was a Pete highlight for me, he really dirtied it up! Mookie gets props for the Rag Mama Rag too...I definitely heard a Schroeder Jam or two in there, very fitting being in Santa Rosa, long time home of Charles Schulz!

Second set just got hotter, from Wizard's Son to Different World to CUMBERLAND!!!! WOW! Great big second set!! Pete Sears, again!, was amazing! Wizard's Son put an image of a smoking, headless, tickle-me-elmo into my brain, Elmo was clearly on the losing end of a tickle attack from Pete Sears, poor Elmo, he never stood a chance, Pete's fingers were ON FIRE!!!

Of course, the rest of the band was firing on all cylinders as well...David and Barry are always a treat! Molo--so glad that he's around, he and Pete are a fantastic team. The whole band works together as a great team, I hope we get lots and lots more shows with this lineup!

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Thanks for jogging my memory about this kickass show, Emily!!

I was very much impressed with the venue -- a sweet room with a nicely elevated stage, and muscular big-room sound. Big-time kudos to SoundDawg, who had the audio dialed in on this night and every night of the tour.

First set really started crankin' with Midnight Moonlight, right up to setbreak. The Free Mexican Airforce -- played for the third consecutive show -- was the best version of the tour and got the crowd really riled up.

Second set ramped up the energy levels and was basically one big highlight reel for me. Fair to Even Odds, a Pete song, was the second one we'd gotten in as many nights, and the more I hear it the more it grows on me. Stella built to a rousing emotional peak and was among the best versions I've heard Pete and Barry deliver. Then the fasten-your-seatbelts closing combo of Different World and Cumberland -- Pete walking that bass into the stratosphere, and taking everybody else along with him -- it doesn't get any better than this!!

...except maybe Hawaii '08 P

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Nelson reviews very nice thank you