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Bryan Horne and the Jawdroppers
Iron Springs Pub
Fairfax, Ca
December 12, 2007

Fun way to spend an evening, the music was great. Although, as usual the Iron Springs is a restaurant with an active kitchen and a bar crowded with locals, not the best place to be seeing music. No where to sit unless you're having dinner, the only place to stand is in the bar crowded with people talking, not a place for serious music.

The band is Aaron Redner, Erik Yates and Bryan Horne of Hot Buttered Rum, along with Adam Roscewicz on guitar. Not sure who he is, other than a 'local guitarist' but he was really good!! Fit in with the Butter boys well and did some great picking! They were joking about the name, saying they'd do it just for the poster art :-)

They played stuff all across the bluegrass board, as well as a few 'hardly strictly' bluegrass tunes. There was a distinct swinging jazz sorta feel to the night, the dawg would have felt right at home :-)

As always, Erik Yates was especially impressive played every instrument in sight, flute, clarinet, banjo and new addition, guitar, don't believe I've seen that before, he was playing a spiffy looking hollow body acoutic electric guitar. At first it wasn't so impressive, just some strumming with Adam playing the leads and the doing the picking, but during Big River Erik changed that entirely, he put his little banjo finger picks on and went to town! Hooooly cow! It was good!

Of course Aaron and Bryan were solid as always, they definitely brought the swinging style to the music, I really love these guys! This was a nice treat but just a warm up for Petaluma...looking forward to the main event!

Setlist Highlights: (meaning, the stuff I could actually name, there were all sorts of instruments, at least one scruggs tune I couldn't name and a Bill Monroe tune too...)

Rosalie McFall
To Live is to Fly
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Cherokee Shuffle
I'm Still Here
and Big River with the Pianimal, Phil Felino of New Monsoon sitting in with his accordian.