FAB FAUX invade Montclair church NYE-2007

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I saw 2 of the 3 shows of this NYE celebration in Montclair, NJ (the last 2 of the night). This was in a church that seats 800; the sound was amazing, with the high stone ceilings cradling the sound. Strange in some ways though - no alcohol and no dope, but the shows were each 45 minutes long and flew right by, so the lack of stimulants beyond the music were not missed. Besides, plenty of champagne flowed before and after each set. Highlights from the 2 that I saw? There were so many, but the 2 standing ovations were for WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS (the next to last song of the middle show), complete with a little Harrison taped vocal wedged into the long Jimmy V. solo ending (and Jimmy cracks a joke about the irony of playing a Clapton solo in a "house of god") and YER BLUES (the third to last song of the final show), which was totally sick and one of the best things I've heard played in all of 2007. Tons of other nuggets were visited throughout these 2 shows, from one end of the Beatles' time line to the other (a small sample, of what I can remember - IT WON'T BE LONG, I FEEL FINE, WE CAN WORK IT OUT, I'M A LOSER, DRIVE MY CAR, YOU CAN'T DO THAT, HARD DAY'S NIGHT, NOWHERE MAN, TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS, I AM THE WALRUS, COME TOGETHER, HEY JUDE) and all were flawless. We had been watching Sir Paul's DVD of his 2 Russian shows from a few years back as a warm-up and the unanimous opinion of the 5 in attendance was that the FAUX played these songs better than Sir Paul (I know, blasphemy)!