JGe, GAMH, 12/28/07

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Jackie Greene

Friday, December 28, 2007

Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
Nothing Comes From Nothing
Cell Block #9
Ball & Chain
Closer To You
Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right
So Hard To Find My Way
The Lord Mistreats Me
Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind
I'm So Gone
Mexican Girl

E: Cold Black Devil
Sweet Somewhere Bound

It's taken me a while to get this review up, so I'll cut to the chase: Best Jackie Greene Band show I've ever seen. I can count the shows I've seen on two hands, so not too many but more than just one or two.

The crowd was different from past JGe crowds, the deadheads are taking an interest and bringing their big green cloud, I think that caught some of the 'greeneheads' off guard. Lots grey hairs in attendance--an interesting observation from a grey hair who acts about half his age :-) Most noticable was this crowd came primed and ready to go, unlike some crowds that need some time to really get into it.

As for the show, I say best ever because the Petaluma show at the beginning of the month had a nearly identical setlist, but was 25 minutes shorter. Jackie really stretched the songs at the GAMH. The Sugaree was the longest of the set by far, I loved it, it was weird and raucous! It drew a few complaints from the folks who like the 'old' jackie...short, structured songs.

Cold Black Devil/14 Miles was the highlight though, a dirty, gritty, raw rocker that was just as long as the Sugaree. Great energy, the band was loose and enjoying the new found jams. Mick Gillette and George Brooks were back on horns, they were great! I love their addition to the music, they really fit well, I'm hoping we get some horn action at mardi gras, Jackie can certainly handle it. I don't have my notes on me so I can't say where it was, but Mick broke a tuba at one point in the evening. That was big fun and completely unexpected, having seen the horns several times with jackie but never the tuba, the more they play together, the better it gets!

The show ended with a sweet solo acoustic, Sweet Somewhere Bound, Jackie even remembered the words this time :-) The crowd was completely engrossed and silent, a big change from the rocking CBD/14 Mi immediately before it. I wouldn't describe Jackie as having a commanding stage presence but he manages to get the audience's attention anyhow. This was a great show and definitely a sign of more good to come, every show I see is part of the evolution, always changing. Can't wait to see what's next.

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Thanks for the review Odessablue..