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Fillmore, SF, Ca
Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Set:
Not Coming Down>Wormwood>Akimbo, Sticks & Stones, Captain America>Waiting for the Punchline*

Second Set:
Darkness, Head>Shoot First>California>Head, Lazarus>Yodelittle>Plane Crash$

E: Raise a Glass*$%, The Road

* Aaron Redner - Fiddle
$ Erik Yates - Flute
% Al on mandolin

This was a show. No more, no less. The Butter boys made my night, they hinted the day before they might show up but I couldn't imagine where they'd play. Aaron is amazing! That guy is so talented, he can find his place in any genre, he was great and really brought a lot of what I like to the music. I was actually out in the hall when he came out, my ears perked up instantly! Erik I was less sure of, but he brought the flute, not the banjo and while I can usually do without the flute was the right choice for this band, he was a little tough to hear.

As for Moe, I liked the Not Coming Down opener, lots of energy, certainly one of their better known songs. I recognized the yodeling song too. It was easy to id 'sticks & stones' especially after they said that was the name of the new album. And I knew the Plane Crash song too, that's been part of many shows I've seen.

The bass player played a bodyless upright for a tune or two, that was one of the highlights for me! It was chest thumping and table rattling! I liked it...I liked philgrass but ditch the acoustic upright and get one of those bodyless deals, Phil!!

The light show was also a highlight, the old auditorium looked great! I was feeling very nostalgic, being so close after the bill graham birthday bash there were still a few decorations left behind, some big star shaped balloons :-)

So yeah, nice show.

A personal ancedote, I was introduced to Blair Jackson by PAULY! If you know him, you can imagine how he went on and on about Blair this and Blair that, clearly he was uncomfortable with the heapings of praise, he was just a guy trying to catch a show. I made a joke about it, told PAULY! he should go into PR, then changed the subject. PAULY! proceeds to start telling Blair about me, turning the tables. I, too, was a bit uncomfortable with all the praise, I protested, told PAULY! he was too kind and in the end, Blair and I shared a chuckle over it. That's PAULY! He always sees the best in people, he's a darling for it.