Ratdog - 10/23/09 - Beacon

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saw this band last night that I think I saw before, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

they played a whole bunch of GD songs.. they had the sound dialed in as well.

They played with a purpose and a direction, and truly seemed to execute a game plan in every song they did...

they even encored with a downright beautiful a cappella, full band version of Attics!

gotta find out who these guys are......

so seriously though, leaps and bounds the best friggin Bobby show I ever saw. I wouldn't say that they "achieved liftoff", but maybe for listening to Bobby sing Days Between, every song done was extremely enjoyable, and just had the whole Beacon groovin like days of yore....

my only complaint would be that the "meat" of the show was sort of lacking, with just the days between and sugar magnolia after their "stuff" segment.

the sound in the lower balcony of the beacon was top notch last night too, you could hear everyone loud and clear.

and I was actually able to both hear AND feel the bass, too!

maybe the furthur shows did something for Bobby and Jay Lane in terms of their vision when they get on the stage.

im definitely not going tonight, but I am certainly curious to see if last night was just a Bobby "on" night, or this is how the band is right now...

I: Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Minglewood Blues > Senor > They Love Each Other, Loose Lucy, Jus' Like Mama Said > Estimated Prophet > Might as Well

II: Me and My Uncle@, Bury Me Standing@ > Looks Like Rain@ > Althea > Iko Iko*+#%$ > Scarlet Begonias+# > Stuff+$%^ > Days Between > Sugar Magnolia

E: Attics of My Life