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The show was stellar in every way.

The opening AC/DC Bag, Chalkdust was fantastic. But, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan really got things in gear as Trey was digging deep into that chunky riff, and the band whipped that song into a beast of raging power, yet controlled as it kept rolling with the changes and then next thing you know they are playing Divided Sky. That was very cool. They stopped for a good long bit just staring at the crowd before Trey started up the delicate notes to resume the song....I think they've been doing this sort of a stop during Divided for a while, but in concert it is just awesome. Ya Mar had the naked lunatic and that was fucking hilarious! The way they rolled with it too was also very enjoyable! Gotta love it.

Sneaking Sally was a little slower than normal, and thus had a deep funky dance feel, not the disco of 90s versions. Most, most excellent. I really don't have a lot of details to give about the rest of the 1st set, except that I was thinking this set is a perfect one to play for a newbie. Bowie got way out there very quickly and was a liquid complex groove that only Phish can deliver. This music is my favorite music, next to '69-'93 Grateful Dead. The Wedge raged and then came Bold As Love. Good lord! Listen to that jam dude, it'll twist your brain into contortionist knots of pure rock god joy.

The crowd was pretty amusing as always, Venue holds about 15,000 and I'd say it was sold out for the most part. Security was lax except in front of the stage. Albeit, not that good since a naked guy got on stage!!

2nd set came out of the gate like a wild stallion on acid, kicking and jiving like a mofo. The 40 minutes of music that was Tweezer > Light > Piper > Free was just nuts. Light really got out there and then on Piper, I think, Trey really was shredding like it was 1993. I did feel some of this long jam, overall, did go a little long in places, but then Trey would drop into a riff and some chord changes, all the while screaming in intensity, and ALL WOULD BE FORGIVEN!! It was exhausting just listening!

Sweet Virginia I loved. Fishman needs to sing every show, cause he has a really unique delivery that is so good. Hood really was beautiful, and also focused in it's psychedelia. A pleasant change from the angular weirdness and searing solos of the opening 40 minute jam. As for Suzy, I loved it, and that surprised me. That is one song I often skip when playing a show, but they rocked it, Page did a wild solo on a Moog (?) and Fish did his hilarious add libs right before they'd launch into the chorus'! Brilliant, old school Phish, man (pun intended). Golgi and Antelope capped the evening for me. Both are exemplary versions with top dollar playing. And, it kept the nostalgia feeling going for us who got on the bus a looong time ago. Antelope had a lot of "run like a naked guy" type fun going on!

As for Mike's bass sound going away during Golgi, when it happened there were no roadies watching, and he almost had to leave the stage to get someone's attention. He was waving and whistling to no avail. It was both funny and lame. We were sitting right on the railing of the balcony, facing Fish's side/back, and Mike was walking over towards his side of the stage, where I was sitting, then went back to do his parts vocally. So, we leaned over and yelled at the roadies, "Wake up!!" Finally his roadie leaped onto the stage and got him back in business.


Before the gig, in between wandering the lots, I'd go back to my car to warm up. While in there I listened to the White Album and then Exile and read an old issue of Relix. So, I heard some of Loving Cup before the gig. Then, Page busts it out for the first time since the Halloween gig. Very nice symmetry. I left as they went into Tweezer reprise. I had more than enough by that time and was ready to split. open. and. melt.

Get this show!!

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Great review, going to listen to this show now.

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Awesome review. I'm giving the show a full listen this week.