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mariee sioux no-showed when she got in a car accident on her drive down--she's fine.

opening act is yet another hippie band (jeffertitti's nile) from topanga canyon--aren't they all? :-)
fitting for another rainy night at fernwood. kudo's to the musicians for the fitting eddie rabbitt reference if in name only....

the replacement for mariee was lauren shera (guitar, vocals) with andrea blunt (accordion, violin, backing vocals) collaborating on some songs.
lauren opened for the Q's triumphant return to the warfield in '03.

ESPERS. played several off the new album including another moon song, I can't see clear, and caroline. Also a great cover of Blue Öyster Cult's flaming telepaths.

cellist's monitor was off for most of the night and greg weeks microphone was giving him shocks.

caroline would have been the end of their set when house management made it known that that would be the end of their set, but the call for an encore from the fans in the redwood grill (mostly members of jeffertitti's nile and the videographers) and by the bulk of the audience in the front room by the fireplace won out. They played one more song and the night was over.