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the Living Room was on fire last night.

the Megan Palmer Part...

Megan played a fantastic set last night! Did most of it solo with a borrowed guitar because hers wasnt up for it. Played a few songs with her drummer, did that Hartford cover again In Tall Buildings... I love this girl. I love her music and i love her voice! She played infront of maybe 15 people last night, one of them happened to be her sister who was really nice. We all hung out upstairs and had beers and joked around afterwards. Jojo got the most of it with that episode last week when she missed her flight. Hearing Megan explain it was funnier then reading the play-by-play on the zone.

Next weekend is going to be her last gig at the living room. If you havent made it out to see her yet you gotta go... Unfortunately ill be in florida but i got to thank Megan last night for sharing so much with us over the last couple of months during her residency in New York. Got to learn alot about her and what makes her sing. Shes a sweetheart and spending thursday night there has reaffirmed my faith in this great city and why i can never leave it... And the BEST of it all has been making a few new friend in the process.

11:30 saturday @ Banjo Jims... be there. er.viewprofile&friendid=9285557&MyToken=1884bf9a-2 6ab-4f4f-9016-94164768183b


ok, the Chris Thile part..

So when i showed up for the 9:30 Megan Set last night Jojo informed me that Chris Thile was also playing solo downstairs @ Midnight.

"Did you say Chris Thile, Jojo?"


So i made it into the Chris Thile solo set around midnight last night 1 song late and a few beers with Megan later. Eyed a few seats open in the front row and slipped into a packed room and planted my ass 4' infront of him (unobstructed!...and without paying the $10 cover). Chris even commented in between songs when we sat down "nice seats".

Oh my oh my did we get a show...

Dude... He played Bach! in three different movements. on the mandolin. My jaw hit the floor repeatedly. He played a bunch of stuff off his Punch Brothers album which he commented and made jokes about watering down solo due to the incredible nature of the people he played with on that album. He played a few nickel creek songs by request, i dont think he was into playing nickel creek songs last night, but he made light of it and smoked them anyway. He played some tune he wrote when he was 16 years old and even sang it in his 16 year old soprano voice...hilarious! He played a couple Monroe covers and blurred the solo's at such breakneck speed i couldnt follow his fingers from the front row.

Chris Thile was born with a mandolin in his hand. that was a fantastic solo show and im moving it up to the Number #1 spot for this year so far.

anyway thats my review of the living room last night. Beer and laughs with Megan Palmer and a free Chris Thile show.

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isnt hard to do,megan is extraordinary.

good lookin out.