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I saw their show in New Orleans last Wednesday at One Eyed Jacks in the Quarter. The opening band, Danava, was freakin' fantastic. Groove metal/hard rock with meandering directional peaks and valleys in the music and a lead singer with an appropriate shriek and an appearance that made him resemble a bastard step-child of Alice Cooper. The guitars were constantly churning out chunky riffs and the drummer was an animal. Danava is from Portland and I would see them again in a heartbeat.

Acid Mothers Temple were a different story. The lead guitarist was curled up in a booth napping during the whole opening band set. Once the Acid Mothers hit the stage they went into some pretty generic riffing. The second song comes along, and the guitarist throws a major temper tantrum, eventually yanking off his guitar and throwing it at the amplifier. This in turn causes the head on top of the amp to come crashing to the ground.

It turns out that the amp head belonged to the opening band and it was broken. There was a lot of feedback and yelling and them members of Danava stormed on stage and an argument began with finger pointing.

Eventually, an angered bass player for Danava charged the Acid Mothers Temple guitarist and kicked him somewhere in the lower region of the body, causing him to fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes. A huge roadie, looking like he had just stepped off Motorhead tour '83, emerged from stage left and broke up the fracas while the promoter ran to the mic and offered a tepid "We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by..."

At this point I thought the show was over. But 20 minutes later ACT came back on and played a perfunctory 20-30 minutes of mediocre jams before the lead guitarist did some samurai schtick with his guitar and then destroyed it, ala Townsend. In a wall of feedback, the madmen from Japan stalked off the stage. It was a very uninspired performance.

Thankfully, the discovery of Danava salved any disappointment I might have had with ACT.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By 1st One's Named Sweeeeet Emily (Odessablue) on Monday, March 24, 2008 - 05:13 pm: Edit Post

huh...that's some show! Sounds like it was good entertainment even if you didn't like the music...

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By G.Dad (Binlajolla) on Saturday, March 29, 2008 - 02:16 pm: Edit Post

Reads like it was inspired to me

I can see shows anytime fights on stage not all that often

Thanks for the review

Kawabata sleeping in a booth have you seen their tour schedule

At least he didnt pull a G.Dad and sleep thru show