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Saying he loves toronto over and over, Gary Louris came to our beloved city and put the hammer down last night. A great venue in little Italy must have had about 500 people in it as he worked through most of his new album among Jayhawks, assorted solo ventures and some Golden Smog tunes. I didn't write down a set list but he opened with Omaha Nights from the new solo album and then into I'd Run Away from Tomorrow The Green Grass. This set the pace for rest of the show as he played most (if not all) of the new release mixed in with other material. Jayhawks songs that stood out to me were Angelyne (acoustic - beautiful), Blue, Save it for a Rainy Day. He also played Listen Joe a alone on an acoustic guitar and I forgot how great a tune that was, as I haven't liked the last 2 releases of Golden Smog and a pretty rousing version Until You Came Along to close out the show.

He has been associated with a Toronto based band called the Sadies who came out and played a couple of tunes and a pretty noteworthy version of Dylan's You Ain't Going Nowhere. His backup band (and opening band with a half our set) was Vetiver who were pretty good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see.

It was great. If you love the Jayhawks, then you probably like Vegabonds = you'd have to see Gary Louris if he came to your town and you will be very happy you did.

P.S. - He reminds me in so many ways to Karl Wallinger of World Party even in looks, underated musical ability and quality of musicianship. While I was keeping this to myself for a long time, i overheard someone at the show make the same assessment. Hmmm