Les Claypool, Warfield, 4/5/08

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Les Claypool
w/ Secret Chiefs 3
Warfield, SF, Ca
April 5, 2008

I found a basic setlist over on the Les board...I think it's mostly right although there may be some mistakes:

Set 1:
Rumble of the Diesel
Ding Dang > Hello Skinny?
Mak 1
Drums and Whamola
John The Fisherman
Electric Funeral
One Better
D's Diner

Small Tease of Groundhogs day > Iowan Gal
Cosmic Highway (with Gabby La La and a secret chiefs guy)

The opener sucked, despite positive feedback from another zoner. They had some goth-gypsy-metal sort of fusion thing happening. Drum and bass with a cello and a couple fiddles, by men dressed in flowing robes wearing eyeliner. There was one female fiddle player although, she didn't seem to buy into the theatrics quite the same way. In any case, I'll be avoiding this band in the future.

I arrived in time to get a good spot on the floor, but I was quickly pushed out by a bunch of east bay goons. The crowd was aggressive and unintelligent, I'm guessing a lot of nascar-type fans from antioch. I left my prime spot front and center before Les even came on. The floor sucked, luckily upstairs wasn't sold out, and they let me up to grab a seat with no hassles.

On to the Les part of the show, it wasn't a bad show, everyone sounded good but I was unimpressed. I don't like the hole left with no guitar (or sitar aka Gabby La La). The line up was Les, Skerik on Sax, Drums and Mike Dillon on percussion...just not enough for me. Dillon's vibraphone provided a bit of contrast but mostly I felt the show was too much drum and bass and nothing else, sort of monochromatic. I really missed the melodic fill of a guitar. Les's music is pretty angular, and this formate really highlighted that.

Not to mention...do we really need D's Diner at every warfield show? Or Iowan Gal--which was the encore last june when Les played the Warfield as well.

Oddly enough, I thought Gabby's appearance for the last song of the encore was the highlight. She didn't sing--which was the highlight of the highlight! Turns out she's grown on me a lot more than I thought :-)

In the end, I like that Les changes things up and I'll continue to see him in the future but not without a stringed instrument on lead.

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Thx for posting, Emily.

Sorry to hear about the aggro dudes on the floor, and that the show wasn't up to snuff. How was Skerik in the mix? Most times I've seen him, he brings that edginess and weirdness that I kinda gravitate toward.