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Hey There,

Last nightís show was on the money.
This has to be one of the tightest bands Iíve seen do the Dead.
Their sound was crisp and clean, they totally have their act together.
As a first time DSO show I was totally impressed, check out this band if they are around you.
I thought it was a DSO set list creation but it was a real show list, WOW, Long and tasty sets.
This show in reality had no encore (yeah look how many songs they played), but last night they had a little extra time and threw in Brothers and Sisters as an encore.
The rhythm and Lead guitarist are on the money and the rest of the band too!

Now that Iím hurting at work, Iíll spin some of that crisp version of 5/8/77 till noon.
TGIF, Big weekend here in NY Ė Wish I was doing Mt Jam, next show not till 6/24,Le Poisson Rouge-JVC Jazz Festival NYC Ė Project Logic.

Enjoy the weekend Ė Peace DZ Jeremy
Check out this set list from last night, Promise opener was sweet, WRS>Let it Grow the band nailed it, Truckin>Jam was long and trippy. I love these old early mid 70's era Dead sets, look at the song listed and what they had back then, Last night only 1 drummer so i knew it had to be before I think it was 75, fun to figure out the year they were playing - great job-go see this band. Gonna play some OLD dead when I get home tonight

11-01-73 McGaw Memorial Hall, Northwestern U., Evanston, Il. (Thu)
1: Promised, Sugaree, Bobby McGee, B. E. Women, B. T. Wind, China Cat> I Know You Rider, Mexicali, Brokedown, BIODTL, Loose Lucy, El Paso, TLEO, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow
2: Morning Dew> Playin> Uncle John> Playin, Half Step> He's Gone> Truckin> Jam> Wharf Rat, Sugar Magnolia

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By ShortTime (Tobethere) on Friday, May 30, 2008 - 03:57 pm: Edit Post

Fully concur Jeremy. These guys are right on the money. LAst night was tight and tasty and a great vibe all around as well.

Since Jerry died Ive seen 100+ P+F, O'!'s,"The Dead" etc. family shows and never even considerd giving DSO a bother.

BUt I was impressed and moved last night. Not like Im about to jump on tour w/ them m- but next time their in town I'll be back for sure - foolish not to - NOBODY covers dead music like these guys and Ive seen dozens of high quality dead cover bands - these guys are indeed a cut above.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By the was (Scarletfire8) on Saturday, May 31, 2008 - 12:15 pm: Edit Post

i love DSO...poo poo all the nay sayers, this band is great! thanks for review