Jackie Greene Radio Radio Indianapolis 3/9/2010

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Good show from Jackie acoustic last night. I arrived 10 minutes, or so late, so the setlist may be incomplete.

The first number, or two, the sound guy was having trouble getting the sound dialed in, but it was fine after some minor adjustments. The first song I heard was Uphill Mountain, decent enough, followed by New Speedway Boogie, which had everyone clapping and stomping along, into a verse, or two of Born On the Bayou, a pleasant surprise. They brought it back in Speedway, and closed the jam. Animal was a good choice at this point in the set, and Neil Young's Southern Man closed out the first set.

Second set Jackie came out and played some keys, to good effect. Tell Me Mama lead into a fully realized tease of Till You Return, which at the very last second became Shaken, next up Breakdown, the Tom Petty tune, well played, and placed the crowd loved it, and there was a heavy Moondance tease at the end (please, let it be!!! Alas, not this night). We then got the Till You Return teased earlier in the set, and Love Gone Bad. This lead into a duo of GD classics, Friend of The Devil, and Peggy-O, both of which fit jackie's folk ascetic very well, imo. At this point, Jackie oddly switched to drums, and let the drummer play guitar and sing Tom Petty's Don't Do Me Like That. The drummer's voice sounded like a cross between Gregg Allman, and me, IE some dude who can't sing. Hollywood, and the Thrill Is Gone closed out the set, the latter of which was a personal highlight. Jackie said a few things, and intimated that the band wouldn't be back for an encore. They played Mexican Girl before leaving the stage, after a short break the trio returned, and played Ball and Chain, another personal favorite, and the other two guys left Jackie alone with his guitar on stage. We were treated to a cut from the forth coming album, probably called 1961, and the show culminated in a heart felt performance of Cell Block Number 9. Thanks alot, Jackie, for a real good time!

Jackie Greene Acoustic Trio Radio Radio Indianapolis, IN 3/9/2010

Uphill Mountain, New Speedway Boogie->Born On the Bayou->NSB, Animal, Southern Man

Tell Me Mama,(Till You Return), Shaken, Breakdown, (Moondance), Till You Return, Another Love Gone Bad, Friend Of the Devil, Peggy-O, Don't Do Me Like That (Jackie on drums) Hollywood, The Thrill Is Gone Jackie talks Mexican Girl
e:Ball and Chain,(Jackie Solo Acoustic) "1961", Cell Block #9

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Barry (Barry) on Monday, March 22, 2010 - 05:41 pm: Edit Post

man I've been hearing that 'WHEN YOU RETURN" tease , and still haven't gotten to hear the tune! thanks for the review!