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Yep, @ The Henry Miller Library located in beautiful Big Sur, CA. They had a real close call with the fire, but the library itself is all good, only the back grounds were burned, and burned completely at that. This is a fantastic venue that I could easily see Dave Nelson play at (hint, hint):-)





I'm only going to review the highlights for me, since it was an all day event and I drove very far and drank many beers.

We pulled in and right away I knew the sound was going to be great as it was excellent bouncing around the redwood canyon as I parked the truck and got situated. Inside real easy, tix at will call. these peeps have their shit together. Extremely laid back easy going vibe.


The first band I saw was The Shivas. They were really cool. I was astounded they look very young and in fact, after their set the drummer hung out with a lady who was obviously his Mom. I dig that. These guys were actually old school rock sounding and they did a good "Yer Blues", too.


Next up was Assembled Head in Sunburst Sound. Go get their cd. Right now. I enjoyed them a lot. They had a very kind of grungy/psychedelic sound with a theramin.Good long jams and the kind of textures I really like.



Next we took a walk up the road to a scenic overlook to see the ocean and this is what we came up with.




back to the show in time for Howlin' Rain. I am psyched to see these guys open for the Black Crowes in September. Another band you should just go get the cd. Actually get them all. I have listened to a couple cd's. They shredded !



Last was Beachwood Sparks. They are definitely SoCal country sounding. Very pleasant, but after Howlin' Rain, I was spent. Couldn't take pics after dark, anyway.

Overall, it was a fun trip and a great day of music. We brought some beers w/ us and also bought some from the nice vending station that was equipped with zero schwag beer. My only complaint would be the bathroom situation. They got overused and I believe that the plumbing couldn't handle it by the proliferation of out o order signs that went up. Other than that it's a great music scene they have going there and at Fernwood. I appreciate the folks from Folk Yeah! who did the show, nicely done. Lastly thanks to the bands, some of whom travelled from afar to make my day.

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I'll reiterate that it was a swell time. Agree on the bathroom thing though, they actually had a sign advising the men to take a walk in the canyon and creekbed behind the library where the fire had just burned to pee. Thinking maybe that the dudes used to do that regular when there was vegetation, but kinda odd seeing all those dudes standing there on a burned hillside peeing. By the end there was no bathroom for ANYONE. I know they are all about esthetics and such, but renting a port-o-let for the day would be in order.

I'll also say a kind word about Sean Smith, guitar whiz guy, played acoustic and electric with a backing band, all instrumental. Good stuff in a kind of Sandy Bull/Leo Kottke goes indie kinda way.

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Howlin Rain and Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound (AHISS?) were the big rockin winners of the day. Beachwood Sparks should have been on before Howlin Rain, they weren't nearly as dynamic. Def a treat to see the Sparks, their harmonies sounded great, but it was dark and quite cold when they went on and we had just been blown away by the Power of Rock, so they weren't the band we were talking about when we left. Would have been better to see them in the afternoon, their sound is so sunny.

Fun scene. No dancing though, which was weird. Not even any headbanging really. Lots of people who looked like extras from the almost famous set, I think they all shop at the same store Chris Robinson does. It was def a SoCal vibe, but in a good way. Turtle would have been very pleased with the high ratio of women wearing boots.

Also kinda fun sitting on the back deck behind the library with huge pictures of henry miller everywhere. Really nice place.

The fires got real close, kind of weird driving around and looking up and seeing that all the hills are toasted. It literally got within 100 feet of the library, around Andrew Molera State Park, it burned right up to the road. Still a lovely place, but it took a beating.

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Great reviews, guys! And great pics too. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check out that Assembled Head band for sure.

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"... In the midst of darkness, there is light. "I am the light of the world" said Jesus. He said a mouthful. Light, more light!"

Henry Miller

posted on a redwood

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I'm glad that, besides the bathroom sitch, you guys seem to have had a most excellent time!

I am so into Howlin Rain now - hope they come east soon!