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Del McCoury Band
Poor Man's Whiskey
Great American Music Hall, SF, Ca
March 14, 2010

Poor Man's Whiskey opened the show promptly at 8 pm with their traditional 'on the floor' acoustic appearance playing White Freight Liner. After that they moved on to the stage and plugged in for a 45 minute set on the stage. They played a nice set, maybe a big more of the sentimental songs than the rockers, but they got a bit of the hoe-down in there too! 3 Years Gone had a real sweet jam to end it! And they just announced Peter Rowan will be joining them for their Old & In the Way show at the GAMH in May, gotta think it had sometime to do with the time they spent together backstage.

Like a River
American Dream
Cripple Creek
White Horses
Whiskey in Heaven
3 Years Gone

They had to cut the last song scheduled because of time constraints, it would have been Long Way To Go...I'm curious is it's the RRE song, but I didn't get a chance to ask.

After a short break, it was time for Del and the boys...They played 2 hours including the two encores, which was about 30 minutes beyond what they were scheduled to play. Del took a lot of requests from the crowd...Rocky Road Blues, Snake in a House, if you've got the money, Thanks a lot, 52 Vincent (of course!), and Del even played my request...My Love Will Not Change (the most played song in my Itunes library!). Although I suspect they would have played it even if I hadn't asked for it! Gave Del an excuse to chat with me moment when he assured me they'd get to that one :-) and come to find out, it's a Shawn Camp song, completely explains why I love it so much. I love all of that guys stuff! and it was definitely a music highlight, they really stretch this tune out and give it a good ride!

-if you don't want me I'll grab my tears and move on
She's Left Me Again
Quicksburg Rendezvous
Deeper Shade of Blue
Nashville Cats
Instrumental (it was a 'standard' but the name escapes me)
Kentucky Waltz
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Sweet Appalachia
Snake in the House
Henry Walker
Rocky Road Blues
Lonesome Road Blues
-my heart breaks like my soul aches
If You've Got the Money Honey, I've Got the Time
Half a Mind
All Aboard
40 Acres and a Fool
Thanks a Lot
-i found peace in a sea of forgetfulness
Prairie Wedding (a Mark Knopfler tune!)
Gone But Not Forgotten

E: First Whippoorwill w/ peter rowan
Girl in the Blue Velvet Band

E2: My Love Will Not Change

I got most of the songs named, at the very least, this is a complete account of what was played with lyric snippets for the stuff I couldn't name. Lots of Bill Monroe in the setlist, the Mark Knopfler tune sorta surprised me...I guess it shouldn't though, Del has been around long enough to explore lots of songs.

The Peter Rowan sit in was a fun was kinda like looking through a funhouse mirror, Del neatly coiffed and perfectly pressed on one side and Peter, wild eyed and wrinkled on the other! I love the single mic style of DMB, Jason Carter has perfected his slide in between Del and Ronnie move, the bobbing and weaving was a carefully choreographed dance, only interrupted by Peter's brief awkwardness as he figured out where exactly the neck of his instrument should be :-)

I'm pretty sure everyone was in agreement, Del and the boys can do no wrong but that doesn't stop these master musicians from giving it their all. The applause came in uproars, which certainly happens everywhere but they were still gracious and humble, maybe even a little embarrassed by it. Del is just so darn cute with is rosy cheeks :-) And of course the suits don't a sharp dressed man, especially one playing a guitar!

The unexpected bonus of the night...the bass player singing! He sang only one or two tunes and they were great! Really everyone in the band is great, I couldn't say enough nice things about them even if I tried! I'm so stoked for DelFest now...I want MORE!

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thanks. nice review. these are what initially got me checkin' this site everyday. glad to see you're back at it.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Just Lance Newberry (Heathentom) on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 05:21 pm: Edit Post

Sure wish I could have made this one, especially with a Peter sit-in. My original plan was to see Maceo Parker and then get over to the GAMH, which would have worked perfectly, except I was in no condition on Sunday for anything but a little R&R.

How was the talking? The last time I saw Del at that venue there were so many people drunk and jabbering I could barely hear the music.

Thanks for the review!

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By 1st one's named Sweeeet Emily (Odessablue) on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 06:22 pm: Edit Post

I was on the rail right in front of Del, so except for one drunk girl directly behind me yelling, I didn't hear much chatter...that's not to say it wasn't there, It was just super easy for me to focus on the band alone :-)

I almost drove up to davis for last night's show too, but in the end, I needed a night at home.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By _ (Verve13) on Monday, March 22, 2010 - 09:43 am: Edit Post

Great review, Emily!