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A cool late night club and a great late night show. UM continues to improve as songs develop, jams have more luccidity and the entire scene seems more mature. The energy at a late night show was great (I missed the earlier set at the much maligned Festival Pier), starting with a spacey and fun Pay The Snucka. Hangover was funky and the show just seemed to flow beautifully, with hard rock, jazz, funk and cool jams. Like most bands today, there is no Robert Hunter writing lyrics to songs that you can live by and invest in but the music continues to evolve, making them a "can't miss" show when in town...a totally different band from my first show in 2005 and well worth a listen, or re-listen at some point.

07.25.08 The Fillmore at the TLA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
One Set Pay the Snucka (parts I & II) > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Hangover, Kabump > Gulf Stream, Push the Pig^, Regulate* > Resolution** -> Pay the Snucka (part III)
Encore 40's Theme
Notes late night show
^ with Dave Murphy replacing Ryan on bass and Zach Velmer replacing Kris on drums (from STS9)
* with Xxplosive and Ain't No Fun jams
** with Norwegian Wood jam