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Sunday – August 3, 2008 … Deercreek, IN

15 Step
There There
All I Need
Pyramid Song
Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi
The Gloaming
Climbing Up The Walls
Faust Arp
Morning Bell
Everything In Its Right Place
How To Disappear Completely

- - - - encore # 1 - - - -
You And Whose Army?
Bangers And Mash
Exit Music (for a Film)
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Karma Police

- - - - encore # 2 - - - -
House Of Cards
National Anthem
Street Spirit (fade out)

Maybe this setlist means something to the Radiohead fan, but to me it all blended into one forgettable moment. I wasn’t familiar with any of their material, but I went into the show open enough to get turned on. Problem was, they neither turned me on or off. There seems to be a real disconnect with their music and emotion, the audience, the moment and delivering the goods. I was told that they would bring some sonic *hot sauce* to the table, but I gotta say … this was some serious weak sauce compared to other bands/ shows I’ve been to.

The good side of all of this, was that it was a perfect night on the hill at Deercreek – Radiohead’s production is top-notch (to be sure). It has crap so over the top, you don’t know what’s coming or going. Visually, very stimulating. It had some interesting moments, sonically, but it kept coming back to tortured british guy crying a lot over the echo effects of tripped out, dance trance, over glorified disco-teque layers.

I get “it” or what they are attempting, in my mind, to do – to say the least. It’s as if they wanted to re-interpret really good music on acid. Problem is, I’ve heard *really good music* that way and I already know how “crazy” or “tripped out” it can sound. The difference is, the really good music makes you invest something emotionally – and by the time it delivers the *hot sauce* - you come outta it totally tapped, drained and touched by a new revelation of something bigger than yourself.

This night reminded me of someone that really never wanted to get “on board the bus” but wanted to relate to someone that had, so they go to this strobe light, echo delay – british guy crying a lot, show and expect to know what it’s like to be “there” after an uninspiring, unemotional performance. Zero emotion folks. I looked around, trying to connect with someone, anyone that was getting “it” and everyone looked bland and lifeless. It’s as if they have been told this is the goods, so they believe it – not knowing why there aren’t more thrilled by nights end.

No need to cheer for encores – hell they build 5, 6, 7 song encores into their performace. Lame. Why not just throw down a whole ‘nother set? Also, by my watch – show was over at 10:40pm. A good 20 minutes to keep the sonic, light show going – but nope, british guy is done crying. I never understood why they didn’t just hit a ‘groove’ last night and let it rip? Also, absolutely NO BASS BOMBS on the hill. Disappointing to say the least, seeing how they obviously have a ‘szupped up wonder machine kicking out the sounds. The very least they could do is drop a sonic bomb on the hill, sometime – just once, please? Their music is begging for it. Or at least, I am.

So here’s the deal: I neither loved it or hated it. That’s the problem! I wished I could have some emotion tied to the night’s performance. I wish I hated it so I could just tell you how awful it is. But it wasn’t awful – it was, what it was. Hollow, plastic, cheap, surface sound flanked by a dizzying array of lights, effects, screens and posturing by tortured british guys crying a lot or looking “crazed”. Ugh. The fact that there are so many really talented, great musicians out there that can turn you on with just their *music* is refreshing and I can honestly say I won’t be supporting Radiohead anytime soon. Their CDs might sound fantastic, but their live show is sterile. This was some serious weak sauce.

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Looks to be a pretty generous show.

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Good review.

I don't like them either, and have felt the same things you stated at the shows I've seen.

I'm sure some would disagree, and hopefully for discussion sake they will; that's why reviews should be written.

Thanks for the effort and honest opinion.

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nice review, i never got them either.