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WHOA - When the Shit is on, man oh man. - Lots of energy tonight.
Totally blown away with the performance last night.
Amazingly tight playing, Scott had his game on big time.
There was lots of interplay between Scott and the rest of the band, which was really good to see. Right form the 1st song I could tell the groove was on and they were in Synch. He was totally into his music and was alive from the open, Show man rock star who can Talk the talk and Walk the walk and sure the Hell let you know it. Sure he looks a little road weary and voice was hoarse at times, but he could belt it out with enthusiasm. Hope he stays this way for the rest of the tour, Peace be with him.

Just a quicky - they did this instrumental jam out of Creep that was pretty jammy and trippy, with real good guitar licks and thunderous bass riffs wth Scott Scat-Jive-Mumblin-Singing, nice. Trippin On A Hole was Awesome Finale.
PS-the Weather was perfect and not much 50 in th e lot.
Too tired to provide details,need coffee,spreadsheets go away, but I must say it was rather cool to see a rockin band in which one of the players is just vocals. Here's a Hard core fan STP review i just saw:

And the result is...
An amazing, amazing show. As all who were there will attest, the Jones Beach show was the band's attempt at redeeming themselves for NC. The band acknowledged as much, as Scott commented about people wondering if they'd be showing up on time (which they did), and later followed Creep with a performance of Bob Marley's Redemption Song (has this been done at any of their other shows?). The band was tight, but most stunning of all was how right Scott Weiland can be when he's really right . The man was on tonight - his vocals were SHARP and inventive, the crowd banter was lucid while also being customarily enigmatic and mysterious (the highlight being his description of Jones Beach being a "fly venue," which turned into a rather sinister chant of "Jones Beach Lounge Fly Venue"), and his physical performance was marvelous: half tap-dancing all over the place during a bunch of songs, making the most of the bullhorn, and leaving the stage at the finale with a triumphant mid-air split. You could see that the entire band was into it and that shows like Jones Beach were what they were really hoping for on this reunion, instead of the frustrating displays at PNC and hoenix. And I'm not certain about this, but I think they may have played about two minutes of a new song, a meditative mid-tempo piece that Scott mentioned after the fact was something the band had just made up, and that he liked. If this is some cover I'm not aware of, let me know (if you were there), but otherwise, I think it was a new piece.

here's the setlist - not much of a surprise, except for the midsection:
1. Big Empty
2. Wicked Garden
3. Big Bang Baby
4. Silver Gun Superman
5. Vasoline
6. Lounge Fly
7. Lady Picture Show
8. Sour Girl
9. Happy Birthday (to Robert's son Duke, who he brought on stage)
10. New Song (?)
11. Creep
12. Redemption Song (Bob Marley)
13. Crackerman
14. Plush
15. Interstate Love Song
16. Too Cool Queenie
17. Coma
18. Down
19. Sex Type Thing
20. Dead and Bloated
21. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

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My brother said the same thing about Red Rocks

FIRE all night

Very cool