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WE took some killer vids - will post when up

Well.. Really friggn good as most folks who have seen this band>
Great communication on stage,professionalism, one long set which was close to 3 hours long.Big bright ball of love New Yawk creating emotional whirlwind. SOme in the crowd were crying at moments n so wuz dweeze right at the tail end of solo.Standing ovations after most songs - What a reminder of the importance of Frank's legacy and it makes one aware of the possibilites of the future. Mam o man - wave after wave of positive expeience - the people , some I remember from shows in the 80's-coming out of the woodwork-lots of conversations that were like(look at u u older f'r-here's my card lets get together)Ya can tell that dweeze has been woodsheding and his skills are getting very good.Frank is almost impossible to replicate on the fretboard and he did a good job . So nice to see the sg n white creame strat again not to mention some of Frank's doctored pedal effects. I wuz in the power seat (real close center) ...JUSt a beauty of a show

stuff I remember
I'm the Slime
Broken Hearts Are for Assholes
peaches>echidna's>g-spot tornado
Inca Roads
Bamboozled by Love
a totally off the hook King Kong
Joe's Garage
Fembot in a Wet T-Shirt
Outside Now
He Used to Cut the Grass
Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
He Used To Cut The Grass
Packard Goose
G-Spot Tornado
I'm the Slime
Cosmik Debris
Willie The Pimp
Uncle Remus
Pygmy Twylyte
muffin man

fyi - ZPZ plays Blender Theatre @ The Gramercy in NYC this Halloween.

400 seat capacity.
VIP: $150.00
* Balcony: $125.00
* Floor: $125.00
* Standing Room Only: $115.00

This special intimate show will be a one of a kind experience. Each ticket will include:
* Ticket to the show, with a Reserved Seat
* Digital license so that you can download the show in its entirety
* A special code for your chance to vote for 10 songs to be included in the setlist.
* you will have a chance to win a beautiful Hagstrom guitar and be presented with it on stage.

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