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OK, so I don't get out much these days, but w/ the Dusters in my backyard, I couldn't pass it up.

Decent opening set by Danny Barnes on banjo and iMac loops, but I wasn't terribly impressed. But, he looked ALOT like our buddy Rik!

The Dusters just get better and better. They were having a ball with a small crowd of freaks in Jersey on a Thursday night. You know that you're getting amazing playing that when they go out into a jam, and push it out, and push it out, and the musicians themselves are amazed to the point of high-fiving each other when it's over that the music has some serious majik.

Those who were there know who they are - and so does the band. Travis asked early on, how many of you are seeing the Dusters for the 1st time. There were a few sheepish hands raised, and they got a treat.

Two good sets, and then for the encore, the band came down off the stage into the crowd (Make a hole for the band!), and played unplugged in the middle of the crowd. Such fun!!

It's been said before, and it should be said again, if you get a chance, go see this band.

They can play excellent pure bluegrass, are tighter than a gnats sphincter, and yet can take it out so you forget time and space. **This ain't your granddaddy's bluegrass, except maybe if your granddaddy was Jerry :-)

01 - tuning
02 - Ain't No Way Of Knowin'
03 - In God's Country
04 - Get It While You Can
05 - Masquerade
06 - Taking A Chance On The Truth
07 - Deputy
08 - banter
09 - Deep Elem Blues
10 - Hit Parade Of Love
11 - Tragic Life
12 - Y2K

Disc 2 - Set II
01 - tuning
02 - Changes
03 - It'll Be Alright
04 - Rain
05 - 17 Cents
06 - Magic #9
07 - No More To Leave You Behind
08 - All The Same
09 - Sunny Side Of The Mountain
10 - crowd
11 - Home of the Red Fox *
12 - Echoes Of Goodbye *
13 - Get Down To It ? *

**Not an original line - stolen w/ love from a review of their latest album "Things That Fly"

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Nice Review, thanks. I used to like Danny Barnes alot, but he started going this kinda ego indulgent, spoken philosophy over looping banjo direction (think Milton read aloud backed by the banjo soundtrack to a David Lynch film), lost me there. Then he got in bed with DMB and Coran Capshaw, oy! He's probably one of the best banjo playing songwriters out there, but avoid him when he has the looper out. Gunga ga lunga.